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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    It is indeed. Designed by Alexander Lippisch, built by Dornier, powered by MAN Turbo 6022 (aka BMW 6022). Lippisch reckoned that with a powerful enough engine an aerodyne design had the potential to go supersonic.

    Over to you Chris.

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    From 1929/30

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    As it appears that this thread has run its course and probably now will drift off into obscurity, may I take this opportunity to say good-bye to the friends that I have made on it, over the years. and wish you all the very best for the future.


    pomme homme

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    And thank you and all the other posters for educating us about the more obscure corners of aviation. Lots of great info presented here. I hope it is a premature goodby.


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    Mike, it doesn't have to fade away as it were. We just need a new generation of aviation enthusiasts to help carry it on. I will always be grateful to Mike (lefty) who got me going on aircraft spotting way back around 2002 on another site that is long gone.

    I do miss the heyday of this thread but people move on or pursue other interests. There are just not a lot of like minded aircraft nuts like us! I still miss Walter and Carlo....RIP.

    Over the years we also pretty much identified just about everything that ever took to the air after 1900. Not too shabby! There are not too many surprises left to unearth.

    On a personal note, a few months back I kick started my music career again and have been writing/recording/performing with some old mates. That pretty much eats up all my free time these days. I still will go down the random aviation rabbit hole on occasion but not like in previous years when I was researching aircraft history on a daily basis.


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    Agreed, Kevin, but if there are not sufficient people with the will to keep it going, falling into desuetude seems to be the inevitable consequence.


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    All that said, here is one I researched a couple of years ago to no avail. The scant clues I have (not to be completely trusted) are: from California, circa early 1920's, Redwood City.

    I would really like to nail this one down. I trolled Aerofiles from top to bottom at the time but that does not mean it's not in there.

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    It's out of my comfort zone, I'm afraid.

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    There is no expiry on this one. I'm fairly certain it is missing from Aerofiles.

    In the meantime anyone can feel free to post a new mystery.

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    Could it be related to the Barnhart Twin 15 Wampus Kat 4-pax of 1921 ?

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    Not part of the Barnhart lineage.

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    Nothing to do with aeroplanes (but then, no-one on this forum has had anything to do with aeroplanes for many weeks). This evening, having slaughtered no lambs this winter, we've eaten the last haggis in the freezer, accompanied by tatties from the garden but neeps from the supermarket (this sodden winter has put paid to those), washed down with a dram or two of Talisker. So I say to those who celebrate it, a bonny Burns Night to you.

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    Neeps & tatties I say yes

    Haggis I say no

    Yes to neeps and tatties

    No haggis no no no

    Haggis haggis haggis oh my

    'nother serving of neeps and tatties please

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    Here is bipe from Canada that I find attractive (40 knot brain and all...)

    I couldn't ID it but I'm sure the wizards here can tell me what it is. Seems to have moth wings.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    It is:

    No. 2842. Avro 594 Avian Mk.III (G-CANM c/n 128)
    The source photo (with notes) appears here:

    One of a block of 6 a/c acquired by Western Canada Airways in 1928

    No, I didn't cheat and do an image search
    The path was "Stevenson", which lead to Stevenson Aerodrome/Field --> Winnipeg Int'l --> Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada --> DH.60 --> Avro Avian and ultimately to the source picture. It was a fun night/morning.

    Links (worth going down the rabbit hole) along the way...

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
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    Thank you for both identifying the airplane and sharing and providing your search technique and paths.


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