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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    on we go ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by giruXX View Post
    on we go ...
    Hi Uli!
    Could that be the Gordon Dove (Premier Aircraft Construction)? BTW the pic I have is just as bad as yours….

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    Sorry Carlo,

    it isn't a Dove.


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    That, I believe, is the ill fated Wren Goldcrest (G-AICX) - scrapped in 1947 because of the intransigence of the post-war British administration in allowing small manufacturers access to approved aircraft building materials.

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    The Wren Goldcrest it is!


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    Thank you Uli. Here's something similar in size and age - and image quality!

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    Hi pomme homme
    This elegant single-seater is the EB-3 (or is it ED-3?) by Émile Bogaert from Belgium. However, registered as F-WCDM.
    Would you know when she was completed (1946 or 1950)? All I know she had a 20hp Aubier-Dunne engine.

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    I have it as the Bogaert EB.3 (presumably for the constructor's initials) dating from 1950. And that's all that I have on this little aeroplane. Anyhow, well done and over to you, Walter.

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    An all-metal biplane from before we invented the official ultralight category. She owes her name to the rotary engine installed.
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    That is the Corcoran-Tonkin N11RC from 1970.

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    Hi fabulousfour
    The Wankel X by Stanley Corcoran and Stanley Tonkin. Tested with several small rotary engines including a Sachs and a Kawasaki.
    Your turn, please

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    Interesting. Couldn't find any evidence about the designation "Wankel X" but only the names of the designers.

    Here is another biplane.
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    Only a small number of these aircraft were built, two of which crashed shortly after introduction.
    The remaining aircraft were converted to floaters and survived until 1939 but were destroyed in an early stage of WW2.

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    I have it as Lublin R-VIII but don't let us be pedantic.

    A beer for Chris and over to Idaho please.

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    should be a easy one

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    No visible glazing or cockpit...was the pilot using a periscope?

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    Tremaine Humming Bird which crashed and killed the two man crew prior to the 1927 Dole Derby.

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    I'm tempted to say one of the Potez 560 series but the apparent wing dihedral and the rudder don't fit the bill.

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    I have it as the Hirtenberg HV.15. Same thing I guess.

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    an easy one

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