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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    You got it Uli.

    There is information around the net on it along with a wiki page.

    It's in Aerofiles under "Montijo".

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    This one ended up as a trailer
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  4. #22404
    That's the bird.

  5. #22405
    Thanks ! Try a trimotor .....
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  6. #22406
    That, Jim, is the Model 220, built in France but designed by a Romanian with the splendid title of Romulus Bratu. A lot of work for a one-off..

  7. #22407
    Indeed it is Mike How was Burns Night ?

  8. #22408
    Of necessity, very quiet, Jim. But we did have the haggis, neeps,tatties,etc, washed down with a dram or two..
    I missed out the Address to the Haggis (normally my party piece) because it seemed a bit silly with an audience of one ! Let's hope we are back to normal next year.

    Here's a rather nice floater with an unusual float arrangement -
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails threef.jpg  

  9. #22409
    I'm sure they missed your sonsie face .... No idea about the floater tho' ....

  10. #22410
    I'm down with the neeps and tatties but I'm scared of haggis....

  11. #22411
    Wonderful thing, haggis. It wasn't called great chieftan o the puddin'-race for nothing. Here, last night we had the best haggis in France - made by my wife to her own recipe from the offal that came from the hoggets we slaughtered last week!

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    My brother in his Rhode Island cheffing days was asked to prepare a Burns Supper for the gentlemen of the Newport Literary Society. He managed to obtain haggis from a butcher in Boston, but was advised that a small spoonful per portion was sufficient ! Those lovely old duffers had gone all Scottish, and re-named the wine list for the evening. The red to accompany the venison was christened 'Chateau Gorbals'. Get a Scot to explain that to you !

    I have long been aware that offal is a no-no in the U.S.A - they are missing some of the tastiest food around, as I think Mike will agree ! (You can't even get a decent sausage over there...)

    Anyway, you are all tap-dancing around my floater, which is of course (West) European and has a 300 hp Renault motor. Lewis gun and bombs....

  13. #22413
    I confess to not having a clue as to the identity of your floater, Mike, but I thought that Château Gorbals was made by monks in Devon!

  14. #22414
    OK, 24hrs up, let's move on.

    The floater is the Paul Schmitt Type X "Alerte" of 1918

    OH please..

  15. #22415

    I did realize that there was a similarity to other Schmitt-types but missed to ask if that was only a coincindence or whether I should follow this track.

    That was a tough nut, Mike
    Nearly no evidence at all about the Type X in the net.

    Let's close the door of the open house with this more modern type (the aircraft in the foreground, please )
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails CA45A21B-9BE0-4846-8F1B-7E20C790B333.jpg  

  16. #22416
    Not a homebuilt and not a one-off.

    About 200 of the basic type were built - in more than 2 decades!

  17. #22417
    Listed in aerofiles...

  18. #22418


    my 2 not going to enter, ever again... that pic that was posted near the 25th of jan looks too much like the lockheed vega!!

    heres my guess aerotek minusucle... i couldnt even know...

  19. #22419
    Are you relating to the high-winged aircraft?

    I was asking for the taildragger in the foreground (which is much better known when equipped with a tricycle gear )

  20. #22420
    I sure do miss Walter and his ability to quickly pick off these types! The nose looks vaguely familiar but it is way out of my comfort zone.

    Anyone else?

  21. #22421
    Maybe you are thinking too complicated

    Think of this aircraft with the taildragger gear replaced by a tricycle gear and it should look familiar.

    First flight of the basic type more than 60 years ago, built and sold by 3 different manufacturers, most of them had a Lycoming O-320 with 150 horses.

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    Charter Member 2017 srgalahad's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    CYYC or MMSD (GMT -7)
    The conventional gear threw me off, but now that I have given my head a shake...
    Shinn Morrisey / Varga / 2150 / Kachina

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

  23. #22423

    It is the Varga Kachina, here a rare example as taildragger.

    Over to you

  24. #22424
    I had a Shinn in my steamer trunk but never made the connection.
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    Charter Member 2017 srgalahad's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    CYYC or MMSD (GMT -7)
    It annoys me because I've long liked the Shinn, had a close look at one of the early demonstrators, and had it on my "If I win a lottery" list...
    OK, I can't find this in the thread so it might be "new"
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH 2021-1-30.jpg  

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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