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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Close enough it's the C-5 which aerofiles doesn't have a pix of. Over to you.


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    an ugly bug..
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    From Montana, the National Bluebird S-1.

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    Indeed it is.....

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    I wish we had a Flight Sim model of this one!

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    The Blériot 195/6

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    It is the Bleer-e-oh. This version did not fly very well so it never got to deliver mail!

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    On with this:
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    That is the Eshelman FW-5, Uli.

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    Mr. Eshelman eventually moved away from aircraft with other not so successful endeavors.

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    Over to Robert

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    Floater time again.
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    A floater, just when I'm heading off on vacation ! See you fellows in a week or so....

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    Enjoy your vacation, Mike!

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    This biplane is from a well known manufacturer that is still existant as a part of another company.

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    Close enough to me, not the TT but the Martin S with Hall-Scott engine.
    I think the radiators make the difference ?

    Over to Chris.

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    The tail looks like a "T" version. The only pix I have of a "S" shows different tail.

    This I don't know much about not even sure it flew looks like it's ready too. Has a generic name.

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    No takers. It's the Hollandsche Vliegtuigenfabriek AVIA the only info I found is in Wiki.
    Desgined by German Bruno Jablonski
    Open House


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    Quote Originally Posted by cthornburg View Post
    Hollandsche Vliegtuigenfabriek
    Say that with a mouth full of crackers.

    Moving along with a new one-

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    The Grumman XF4F-3 in 1939 which was written off in a fatal accident on 16 December 1940.

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    You got it Uli.

    Over to Germany-

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    Sorry for the delay, I had to search for a new mystery.

    Here it comes, enjoy!
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    That is the Utva/Cijan Troika, Uli.

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