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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Not really happy with the Waco diagnosis - fin shape, wings, etc don't look quite right. It's just that radiator. Where's Kevin ?

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    Never seen it before Mike. Haven't a clue about it.

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    Okay then, an open board float plane...

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    Could that be a Colombian Curtiss Falcon on floats?

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    Suds for Robert!

    Over to Germany.

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    Thanks, Kevin!

    It's raining cats and dogs here, so suitable to the weather here another floater.
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    Can't resist any longer - Argentinian Stearman 76D-1

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    Nothing more to add, Mike!

    Over to Scotland.

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    Something a little larger..
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    I'll stick my neck out - as I cannot find a photograph - but could this be the Tellier 1100?

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    No, Mike, this is the Tellier 1000. It is European though....
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    Yes, that's the only photo of the Tellier 1000 that I could find - and I extrapolated from that, using such data as is available, to arrive at my guess at the 1100. Oh well. Tant pis!

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    Yes, the ill-fated Bresciani. Firing a 25mm cannon was tragically too much for the airframe -

    Over to you, Chris

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    Have Fun

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    I think I might have found the answer to my mystery plane "Thomas-Morse S-1A" I think it's a Yackey Sport circa 1925-27. So the "S" might stand for Sport. They modified them with OX-5 and all upper wing panel i.e. lower wing was upper wing panels. I found pictures with various seat configurations. 1-3seats. All the pictures I've found are different. Attached is one with same type radiator.

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    Think you've cracked it, Chris. But there's something very odd about that upper wing/strut arrangement !

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    I noticed that glad someone else saw it.


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    another one from a good source of stumpers not France or anywhere around there.


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