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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Hi Carlo
    Thank you for the link.!
    Next challenge is a small open cockpit, tri-gear low winger. Not a homebuilt!
    Sorry for the grainy pic. I promise to post a much better one,once solved
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    She was also flown with a cockpit canopy and tested one of my experimental engines.

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    Circa 1948, European and now in a Museum

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    Looks like a PIK-11, but I've never seen one with a tricyle gear?

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    Hi fabulousfour
    Sorry, not Finnish. Country of origin is closer to where you live, just one border to cross.
    In the museum she has a (military) green dress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wout View Post
    Hi fabulousfour
    Sorry, not Finnish. Country of origin is closer to where you live, just one border to cross.
    In the museum she has a (military) green dress.
    Possibly french at the Espace Air Passion in Angers?
    Carlo (BG)

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    Hi Carlo
    Sorry, not from France.
    On most photos she has military colours and the national insigna stronlgly resembles those of my country (or v.v.).
    Donot know for sure, but understand she uses the legs of a Bf-108 Taifun.

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    It's the BAK-01 from Czechoslovakia, with the Walter M-431.

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    Hi Mike
    That is her. Now in theLETECKÉ MUZEUM KBELY(Prague)
    As promised a better picture.
    Your turn, sir!
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    Thanks Walter - I've always wondered about those Czech and Dutch insignia being so similar......

    No surprises - another floater...
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    to Kevin - I suspect that may be the only photo of the H-15....(here's where I am proved wrong !)

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    I don't have another photo of it Mike.

    Another grainy flying boat-

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    A one-off and fairly obscure although it was mentioned in this thread within the past year!

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    With a chunky radial pusher, this looks American to me - would this be the Taft Kingfisher ??

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