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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    I don't know about the engine but it is the XN2B-1

    Take it away.


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    Yes, Chris, the original had a Fairchild-Caminez motor which was troublesome, so they replaced it with a Wright

    Here's something with four motors (of British origin) -(the engines, that is.....)
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    .......... its a bit of a Late design ......

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    What a beast! An early version of the Latecoere 6 methinks.

    Nice photo Mike.

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    Yes. a non-aquatic Laté indeed. over to the USA

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    An old favorite of mine under construction.

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    I suspect that is the principal feature of the photo is the Airspeed AS.4 Ferry - because I'm pretty sure that it is the Airspeed AS.1 Tern to be seen hanging from the rafters!

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    A double for Mike. Two Airspeeds for the price of one.

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    Apologies for the delay. I'm shuttling, daily, between home and hospital, not as a patient but as a visitor. Anyhow, I've found something that doesn't appear hitherto to have put in an appearance here. That something is .....

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    Is that Honduran, Mike ? Consolidated PT-11 ?

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    No, Mike. It's from closer to home. A licence built version of something much better known. Re-engined, this example survived until 1958 in a European country that no longer exists.

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    Chris has it . It's the Bulgarian DAR-9 Siniger, a licence built FW-44, with a Walter Minor engine whilst in post-war service with the Yugoslav Air Force as YU-CEN.

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    A couple I had recently found in my standby list already taken before. Search said this not used yet.

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    That shouts Fauvel at me. But until I do a little research, I can't say which - if it is a Fauvel - model it is.

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    The Fauvel AV-2?

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    That's it over to you. I figured it wouldn't last long.


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    Thank you, Chris. This smart little avion de tourisme doesn't seem to have featured here before. So for your delectation, I present .....

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    You might more readily identify this aeroplane with a different tail and undercarriage arrangement.

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    Yes, but being pedantic, at the time the photograph was taken it was the CW Cygnet G-AEMA! However no hairs should be split - so it's back to Chris.

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    Should go quickly

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    The Kinner B-2 Sportwing?

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    Since we've past 48 hr mark it's the Boeing XF7B-1

    Open House


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