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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Hi giruXX
    The McKinnie Model 165 (N9MX). How come aircraft with pleasing lines often do not reach production status?
    On the site (30 November 2014) a McKinnie 165 was offered for sale by a Mr. Peterson of Fargo ND fur USD 1,000(?). I understand that N9MX went to
    the Bonanza Aircraft Museum in West Fargo, ND.
    Could that be the same aircraft?. I read somewhere that McKinnie may have built a second example for static tests.
    Who can shed some light on this?

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    Hi wout, you got her

    but I don't know less about her than you do

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    Gentlemen, found a reference to the McKinnie here - explains the two built......

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    Thank you ver much Mike
    Glad you decided not to dispose of that November 2001 issue of Vintage Aircraft. Now that we know that 2 McKinnies were built we only have to find out what happened to the second one (the one not in the Bonanzaville Museum).
    Any volunteers for a field trip?

    my next challenge wil follow a.s.a.p.

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    Most of you should/will recognize (most of) this aggie.
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    A Yak-18T (T like T-tail) from Absurdistan

    Just joking.

    Nothing found on and another site about russian planes, but maybe I did the wrong search.

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    You're in good company, Robert. I spent more time than I had available to me, this afternoon, searching - in vain - for a crop dusting T tailed Yak 18-T.

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    This T-tailer is the AERO 15, developed by a the AERO Aviation Engineering Cooperative from Kharkov (Kharkiv).
    Now Ukraine, but then still Soviet Union as seen on second picture with CCCP clearly painted on fuselage side. Also note the lading gear, seems this was made fixed.
    The cooperative also made an Aero 18 which was a modernised 4-seat Yak-18T
    May all have happened around 1989(?)

    Now please go back to work and post the next mystery challenge
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    Let's go on with this biplane.
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    Keystone NK-1 ?

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    I think it is the XNK-1 "Pup" from the "Keystone family"

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    Sorry, gents, simply have her as the Keystone Pup.
    Don't know whether it is the NK-1 or the XNK-1, I would have accepted both answers and certainly "Pup" as well.
    The source from which I have the picture doesn't specify the designation.

    I would give the beer to Mike and half a pint to Uli if that's ok to you

    If not, I fear you two have to fight it out like men
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    I'll explain why I opted for the production NK-1. This is from the fairly reliable Larkins 'US Navy Aircraft' . The altered shape fin and longer cowling are the deciding factors, IMHO !
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    Anyway, here's a trainer which I propose as ugliest mystery of 2018 to date.....
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    Then the matter should be clear, Mike.

    Didn't know about that source.

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    I didnít want to appear pedantic and wanted to give the beer to Mike in any case. But for comparison here is my (historic) source:
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    New mystery is AAMSA A-9B Quail


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    Indeed, Chris, the tequila-fuelled 'Naco'

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    Hi Mike
    Before they made the Quail trainer ugly, it seems they tried a more streamlined version with 2-bladed prop.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails AAMSA Quail, Mexico, modified as two-seater.jpg  

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    Was working on this companies aircraft but couldn't find the exact model of this one. So whoever get the company will win and solve the exact model.


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    Hi Chris
    Your T-tailer is from Romania. Have seen the designations IAR-34, IAR-37 and IAR-39 being used for this tri-gear. lightplane.
    Have this one still in my "need further research" shoebox.
    A couple of years ago had contact with several Romanian aviation sites, but they could decide on the correct designation.
    IAR-34 seems incorrect because that is a tandem-seat version of the IS-28M motorglider and originally known as IS-28M1.
    That would leave IAR-37 or IAR-39.
    So please help, anyone

    PS: always wondered whether the star on the fuselage and tail has anything to do with the Romanian Air Forcde.

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    Walter glad to see someone else has same problem. Also had it referenced as IAR 46?
    Will be waiting on your next entry.


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    Hi Chris
    I think we can exclude the IAR-46 designation. This was a derivative of the IS-28M1/IAR-34 with a shorter wing. (see photo) and apparently built (on a very small scale) as IAR-46 and IAR-46S
    Upon emptying the shoebox, stumbled upon a second photo of our mystery T-tailer/Tri-gearer. Gone are the stars and in are what I think is the Rumanian AF roundel.
    From my memory it was labelled as the IAR-37.
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    Let`s continue with a T-tailer
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    She is from the Americas. Found the pic on a now no-longer-active site.

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