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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Sorry for this too mysterious bird : this is the Götz 50 built in 1985 by the brothers Zettl (Löhnberg).

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    Direct hit there, Richard !

    Just to digress a little, I was watching one of the series 'Great American Railroad Journeys' done for the BBC by Michael Portillo, an ex-politician.

    He had got to San Diego, and was visiting Mirimar base. During his intro, in the background, this caught my attention - is the US Navy finally giving up on expensive non-flyers and buying Swedish ?????

    (incidentally, I hope you all read about the late arrival of the first four F-35 all-weather fighters to the UK. The reason for the lateness? - 'unfavourable weather conditions'.......)
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    Dunno Mike. Maybe Miramar was running a special on oil changes.

    Here is a not too difficult open board candidate to consider.

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    No taker for that "dart in the pond"?

    So I'll jump in from Scotland: the Waterman Arrowplane

    @lefty: I've seen a road sign to the "kingdom of Fife"
    Cheers Uli

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    Uli has the tailless wonder. Over to Germany-

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    OK, let’s return to colours:
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    Was the photograph taken at the EAA Naturists' Chapter 'Air and Bare' fly-in? It seems that the aeroplane was being used as the gentleman's 'modesty screen'!

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    pretty close!

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    hi giruXX
    I think your canary is a Laco-145 by Joe Laven (USA). Two-seater, but on this one the front cockpit is covered.

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    That's all correct.
    Over to the Netherlands.

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    If this one looks like the other ones, you are right. However, it is an independent design.
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    She remained a one-off, came from Northern Europe and appeared 1984/1985.

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    Hi Wout.
    The Nyge-Aero VLA-1 Sparrow from Sweden?
    Open House if it is.

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    hi Green SE-ILX it is
    The VLA-1 Sparrow was a co-product of AB Nyge-Aero and the Royal Swedish Aero Club. Engine was a 80hp Duncan-Wankel SR-120R rotary

    As requested, Open House please

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    Green! Welcome back as it has been a long time.

    Shoulder wing twin anyone?

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    That looks very much like the Blohm & Voss BV 144.

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    German speciality - fat prop blades ! (why ??)

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    Robert scores a direct hit.

    (I wondered that too Mike).

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    I think there are several philosophies about the best prop design leading to different shapes.
    Just thinking of the squared off prop tips of e.g. the Trojan or the L188 Electra which can be seen only on US designs, if I'm not wrong.

    Something older.
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    Lock me in for the Boulton Paul P.25 Bugle.
    Open House if correct.


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    It is the Bolton Paul Bugle!

    Open Hose as requested.

    @Green: What is that aircraft in your avatar?

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    Here is a wee high-winger
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    Perhaps this bird is better known without its cabin but with a strutted wing...

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    Not from the US, held several records in its class.

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    I believe that it's French; the background is familiar; and I might even have used it on another forum many years ago - none of which helps me remember what it is! Oh, the effect of advancing years upon the memory.

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