The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.
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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

    So who posted the last one before the crash..?


    If you are new to the mystery game here is a quick set of guidelines.

    -You must correctly guess before posting a new one. (Usually you wait for the previous poster to verify the answer). If you are confident on your answer, you can post a new picture without waiting but risk hearing it from the forum regulars if wrong!

    -You are allowed to remove nationality and registration numbers (to prevent easy googling of answers). You cannot add bogus markings to throw off the hunt.

    -No gliders unless very unusual or of historical significance.

    -Please refrain from using Google image search. This is a cheap way of identifying photos and frowned upon.

    Have fun! This is not a serious match although we do take pride in being able to spot an obscure aircraft.

    I think that is it. Also, don't forget to give the person who guessed your plane a beer on Henry's tab.

    Good luck spotters-

    PS: Our first thread was 6 months along and had over 15,000 views with nearly 1200 posts!
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    Well, our record thread just went down the plumbing !

    We'll just have to start all over again - I don't think there were any answers to my last post, which was an ID for these triplets.

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    Hoping we can recover the lost threads. If so, I will merge this one back into the original one.

    I was just getting ready to troll through our nice big thread and extract every plane into a master list by Country/Manufacturer/Model/Year etc for future reference.

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    Now I was just waiting for some brave and selfless soul to think of that - what a splendid idea !

    Buy it on Amazon - 'Uncle Moses' Big Book of Balkan Bogeys.' Oh yes. :costumes:

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    Is there anyone else out there ?? I feel lonely !

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    I'm here, just about sobered up from last night, but still no idea what they are!:ernae:

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    OK.. I'm back ( albeit infrequently with any knowledge).
    Moses, lefty, I'll try to help out after I land in Mexico in 49 days -Mazatlan, not 'Pulco tho' - IF I can find the library and IF my Spanish is up to it and IF they have any aviation or historical texts AND IF I don't find the Pacifico brewery first! Regardless, I'll think of you in the cold


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    Is it another licence-built machine based on a British design Moses? There's look of the Vickers Vincent/Vildebeest about her.
    The twin VGO machine guns may seem to indicate this too????:isadizzy:

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    If I were home I'd be able to find the lower pic since I have it, but....

    while searching I found this -- for your viewing pleasure:


    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    Great stuff, Rob - there's some fascinating material on YouTube - heaven knows where they get it all - this one's a killer too...

    Maddening new bug after the crash means you can't go directly to the last post in a thread - if this one runs as long as its predecessor, that's going to be a royal PITA !

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    Rob- Are you home yet? We need some assistance on this blasted doppleganger!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    We need some assistance on this blasted doppleganger!
    No, it's not German either.

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    Is this something very obscure like the Hoenningstad Finnmark from ?

    De Vliegende Hollander

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    on the button, Ralf ! (Although now I've found out how to do accents, I'd prefer to call it a Hønningstad.)

    And I was wrong about the versions - photo 2 shows the original, amphibian with the sponsons. They were later removed, wing floats added and the sole example ended up as a flying boat.

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    Dare I guess that it's Fairchild F-91?

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    Pretty good guess by my reckoning Lionus

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    I think I'll wait for affirmation before posting a plane.. it's hopefully a challenging one.

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    Well, after the Finnmark, we now have a Finn who's on the mark ! :costumes: (sorry about that one)

    Yes it's a Fairchild 91, Captured by the Nationalists from a ship in the Bay of Biscay and serving with them throughout the Spanish Civil War.

    Over to chillier climes for the next mystery, and welcome, Lionus !

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    Thank you! and let's give this one a try..

    they both are same plane as you can tell, but what plane is it? :d

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    Welcome, Lionus !

    Your mystery looks like a Dunne (D8 ?)

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    it indeed is Burgess-Dunne from 1914. That didn't last too long, only.. 23 minutes.:redf: I'll get more challenging one next time, your turn.

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    Ah, the US licenced version - I could not have been so specific.

    Mysteries are quite surprising. We were discussing it the other day whith Moses03: those you expect to last for days fall within minutes, those you think easy turn out to be stinkers... Go figure.

    Next one, then. Probably an easy one:

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    I think that's a Bleriot III-3

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    That looks like the one Lefty.

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    See Lionus ? That was an easy one :d

    over to Lefty (maybe a glass of Laphroaig would do better at that time of day but there's no icon for it )

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