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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Polish sausage for everyone! I thought the later panted versions didn't look as spiffy.

    Suds for Mike. Better make it a Guinness.

  2. #22352
    Thank you Kevin. I can't remember when I last had a pint of the real stuff !

    Here's a grainy horror from further back -
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails zftdtrmywxy.jpg  

  3. #22353
    Olkhovsky Torpedo from

  4. #22354
    Yes Jim, Olchovski/Olkovskij - it's Russian ! over to you...

  5. #22355
    Thanks ! A shiny floater for you ......
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails a19-6.jpg  

  6. #22356

  7. #22357
    Not the Texan I'm afraid ....

  8. #22358
    Vultee V-11-GBT built for Brazil.

  9. #22359
    that's the one - over to Texas .....

  10. #22360
    I liked the triangle shaped fin on the floatplane which made me think of this design with a triangle shaped window.

  11. #22361
    LeBlond up front. Unfortunately they picked a bad year to build this.

  12. #22362
    Maybe the NAS Air Prince?

  13. #22363
    Not the Prince Robert. This was built and flown in Chicago around 1929. The only effort from this short-lived company.

  14. #22364
    The MWZ W-LB-50?

  15. #22365

  16. #22366
    Back to biplanes.
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  17. #22367
    some sort of a Phönix C I in foreign colors?

  18. #22368
    Yes, Uli.

    It is a Swedish (!) Phoenix C.I Dront disguised with foreign insignia for a military manoeuvre.

    Over to the Black Forest

  19. #22369
    Thank you Robert!

    On with this
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2a2a2a.jpg  

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    Apr 2011
    About 15 miles SW of Yeovil
    That Sir is a Comper Mouse - see my model version for FS9. If correct Open house as have nothing prepared that can fox your expertise- thinks - must go searching to see what I can find.

  21. #22371
    It's the Mouse! So: OH

  22. #22372
    Keith, feel free to jump back in if you want.

    Otherwise here is an oddball pusher kicking up some dust...

  23. #22373
    It had a Cirrus engine buried in the middle of the body with a long shaft to the back for the pusher prop. It did fly!

  24. #22374
    This should be Ben Brown's SC "Diamond Wing"

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