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    Quote Originally Posted by giruXX View Post
    Hi Carlo,

    your floater looks like a Fokker F.11 to me. Is that right?
    That's right Uli I have her as F11A....
    Your turn please
    Carlo (BG)

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    Grazie Carlo!

    My next offer is an unusual craft that truly flew and isn’t a glider. Have fun.
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    I remember the pix but don't know the exact item as it's a missile.


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    As nobody digs deeper, I'll order a for Chris!

    and here is the "full story":
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    Something from the olden days.

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    East coast USA, it's an Elias EC-1 Aircoupe of 1928.

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    That's it. I figure it wouldn't last long.


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    Up next, a low wing monoplane.

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    Presumably made for a film as I think its basically a Chipmunk masquerading as something a lot older....

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    It's one of the aeroplanes used in 'The Great Waldo Pepper' film (1975). There it's called the 'Styles Skystreak'!

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    It is the fictional Stiles Skystreak that crashed trying to perform an outside loop at an airshow in Waldo Pepper. But before that it was a garden variety Chipmunk first flown in 1951 so the nod goes to Keith.

    I think the spoked wheels were a nice touch!

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    Thank you Moses, I was wondering to which part of the undercart the flying wires were attached to, & did they flex with the stroke of the oleo?

    Anyway, here is my offering that I don't remember seeing before.
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    PN-3 from Estonia s/n 160


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    Chris, correct .
    Over to you.

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    and now for a fling wing

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    Hi Chris
    I have this chopper as the "Viki Helicopter" built after he came to the USA and nearing completion around 1998/1999.
    Undersrtand engine was an Allison 250 turbine and coukld be that much of the fuselage came from an Enstrom 280.
    Maybe not flown as in my notes I see that Mr. Viki deceased prior to flight testing. Have no idea whether an N-number was assigned and equally no idea about involvement of Mr. Dustin Harley (from Utah?). Seems she was still around 2009/2010.

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    Sorry, important part fell out of the text.
    Design of Finnish-born Mr. Viki who imigrated to the USA.

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    This snowwhite has been around for a couple of years.
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    Looks like an Ilyushin 103 on steroids

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    Two countries involved in this 5-seater

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    5-seater is a good hint! I was asuming a six-seater for too long.

    It's the National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Mahindra Aerospace NM5 or C-NM5 from India first flown in Australia in 2011.

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    hi giruXX
    That is her! The Australian connection is via GippsAero (of GA-200 and GA-8 fame). The prototype was VH-XNM.
    My shoebox-notes tell me that (possibly) a second proto flew in India in 2012, but I have never seen photos or similar to confirm this.
    Your turn sir!

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    Let's keep to color pictures:
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    Could be a Van's with a Wankel-engine.
    No side-by-side-seating, so probably a RV-4, Uli?

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