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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Thanks Chris. This shouldn't take long, just couldn't resist such a grand lady...
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    Yes Jim . At the time, the largest aircraft ever built in Britain.

    Ord-Hume also quotes it as second-largest in the world - but what about those German and Russian monsters ????

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    Hmmm Do X and Maxim Gorky spring to mind ...

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    On a similar ( but smaller ) theme ....
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    A Russian machine 'inspired by' (i.e. a copy of) the Dornier Wal.
    This is the Bartini DAR.

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    to Scotland ! - part made in Stainless Steel I believe - over to you Sir ....

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    Something different again -
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    Phoenix Duet G-AYTT, the side-by-side two seat development of the Luton Minor.

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    Mike knows his flivvers !

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    Thank you, Mike. Here's a biplane from an earlier period.

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    That's close enough for me, Jim. Over to you. I have it as the LKOD KOD-1. But Baltic aviation is to me what French aviation seems to be to others!

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    Thanks ! That's very generous of you - here's a one of a kind that once had a famous pilot ....
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    One of my favorite flying boats. Hall XP2H.

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    just a small note, im not playing this game anymore, the aircraft to pick out are too hard...maybe if you go to someting mid 50's/60s ish ill comeback!!

    but whilst im here..Sikorsky s-43??

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    Moses has it ! - the sole prototype was flown to Hawaii by John Thatch of " weave " fame - over to Texas !

    Darren, if I get another chance I'll follow your suggestion

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    Thanks Jim.

    Grainy sesquiplane up next. Sorry Darren, not from the 1950's or 60's!

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    it reminds me of the Laird Baby biplane

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    Ayah, I had the feeling I’ve seen it before: I have it as Partridge-Kent Biplane from 1915 in :Canada:

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    O Canada indeed.

    Suds for Uli.

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    Thank you Kevin!

    Surprisingly, I couldn’t find this one in our thread. Who will bite (in the absence of Wout)?
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    Maybe the Hindustan HT-2, Uli?

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    yes of course! Take it

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