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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Anderlik-Varga-Iskola-Sport Avis 2 ?

    And if so, OH please, I have nothing to offer now.

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    My appologies.


    I'm late in getting back to this, but yes, you were correct. It was the XO4U "Corsair" scout bomber prototype.

    Sorry for the late reply, but didn't get a chance to get back on-line here until today.

    I'm working on updated textures for your wonderful rendition and should have them out soon!


    Miami, FL

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    Trying to close the house I offer this
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 4n4n4n.jpg  

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    Interestingly, only yesterday I was reading an article concerning the restoration of one of this breed.

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    only 10 built !

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    Ahh,but what are you going to call it ??

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    Come on, Mike. Step into the minefield!

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    I think there is a clear designation. (But I know the registration. )

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    I'd hoped that someone else might step up to the mark. But as it seems not, I must say that I believe that this is a CFA Salmson D.7 Cri-cri Major - and not a D.57 Phryganet, because the rear glazing of the cockpit is wrong for that. More specifically, I think that it is F-BFND,

    It's always been a source of amazement to me that the Compagnie française d'aviation (which had been, more simply, the Societé des moteurs Salmson before the war) could have taken a design that was seemingly antiquated in the thirties, and recommenced production of it on the cusp of the fifties, and expected to sell the aeroplanes into a far more sophisticated post-war market. Maybe that's why there were only ten Cri-cri Majors produced - and only two Phryganets. I won't go into the other variants as it may do no good for Lefty's state of health!

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    The CFA D.7 Cricri Major F-WEAN

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    Looks like Uli has this one nailed. My reticence, Mike, is the result of many years grappling with French idiosyncracies !

    In this case, my source (attached) barely mentions Salmson other than as engine supplier , whilst the ever-reliable AviaFrance seems blissfully unaware of the CFA !
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    Thank you, Uli. Here's something that is a little more and looks a lot more modern than the Cri-cri. And its designation shouldn't vex lefty!

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    Lovely. To think this was nearly 60 years ago - G-ASTX -the one and only Beagle B.242X

    It was brave of them to attempt to compete with the Cessnas and Pipers of the world. Good-looking machine, though.

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    Yes, absolutely right, Mike.

    Lovely, but sad. Wasn't Beagle a perfect example of all that was wrong with the British aircraft industry and its management in the post-war decades?

    But enough of this. Over to Scotland.

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    Thank you Mike. Here's a water baby -
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    Judging by the 'wedding cake' sternwheeler on the extreme left of the photograph, I presume that your water baby is in the good ol' US of A!

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    Yes indeed, although it ain't the Mississippi !

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    Benoist 14 I would say.

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    Spot-on, Kevin. Historic stuff, this - the first-ever scheduled flights of heavier-than-air craft.

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    Thanks Mike.

    Here is something a little different. Can you decipher the transport to the left in the boneyard photo?

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    Air Couzinet 10 second version, yes. One of the few without a cross painted on.

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    Looks like a homebuilt. In a museum. Not sure of the designation just what came with the picture.

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    I think this is known as the Antonov An-181

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