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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    The aircraft was designed by a professor of the aeronautical department of a university in Michigan.

    Engine was a Bristol.

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    Robert, I can't let you suffer.

    How about the Powell PH Racer ?

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    Thanks, Uli!

    It is indeed the Powell PH Racer which won all the races where it entered.

    Over to the Black Forest, I guess you could use a fresh beer at these temperatures

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    The following is for those who need (or like) a fresh breeze of air.

    (depending on the weather forecast you could either use the front or the rear cockpit!)
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    it is the tricycle Moth Minor E-0226 to Chris

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    New One should be easy

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    The De Marçay Type 4.

    Information about this type in the net is very scarce, however I found it in "The Complete Book of Fighters" finally.

    As I know now, the De Marçay was a mystery some time ago before my time here, so I think this is why you thought it to be easy, Chris.

    Nice one!

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    You guys get me sometimes I think it will be easy and then takes. awhile then then hard ones you get right away.


    over to you Robert

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    Here we go with a biplane from about the same period.
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    The biplane is not a one-off, several dozen were built and used by the military.

    One aircraft still exists in a European museum, probably as a rebuilt.

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