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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    But only one aircraft with a triple tail

    By the way, the Albatrosses in the background are Austrian.
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    thanks for that hint

    I didn't want to count and compare the number of fuselages, engines, wings and fins, etc.

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    Savoia Pomiliio SP.III ???

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    It is the Savoia-Pomilio SP.3

    The scene shows the Italian airfield Campoformido after been taken over by Austrian forces, the Italians had destroyed their own aircraft before.
    The other biplane wrecks in the foreground are probably Sopwith Strutters.

    Over to you, Mike.

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    Thank you Robert.. Here's a neat little number with a ghostly pilot - can find no previous appearance -
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    Partenavia P86 Mosquito from

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    You got it, Jim -

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    Thanks - on with a neat bipe
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    Blackburn Bluebird I.

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    That's the one over to you !

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    Thank you, Jim. Now here's a monoplane that was advanced for its time and may have influenced another design - although if, then, you'd suggested as much, a 'letter before action' probably would have been in the post!

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    Nice one, Mike - the Hendy 302A. Looks like it's landed on somebody's golf course !

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    I didn't think that this would last long, Mike. Basil Henderson influenced the design of the Gull? 'Tis a good job that Edgar Percival's long dead. If not, the writ would be on its way! Over to Scotland.

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    Thanks Mike - here's another water baby -
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    another view.....
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    Ah ! A Dornier design - the Zeppelin- Lindau Cs 1

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    Ah, tricky
    I was convinced that the barely visible insignia on the wings of the first picture were Turkish.
    No wonder that this led to nothing.

    Mike, would you mind to tell the source of the first picture?

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    Yes Robert, both pictures (and a couple more) are from 'German Seaplane Fighters of WW1' by Jack Herris. (Aeronaut Books) A fine publication for floater freaks....great photos and 3-views.

    Over to the Chameleon

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    Thanks, Mike!

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    Thanks - here's an odd bird .....
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    The BQ-2 drone it is - Over to you

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    Thanks Jim.

    Up next, a sport monoplane.

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    This was the prototype and looked different from the the others that followed.

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    It's the P.Z.L.19, Kevin.

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