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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Thanks for the beer, and pardon my error ....... what's this hitching a ride .....
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    Actually it's an interned B 29 but that's close enough ! - over to you !

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    I hope someone is keeping record of all the ones not on Aerofiles cause here another. The company is in Aerofiles at least the same name. This one not included. Circa 1915

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    It's a Schmitt Biplane Tractor.
    As I said not in Aerofiles if made by the Schmitt company listed.


    Open House

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    Sorry I donot have a better quality pic of this one-of-a-kind.
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  8. #20583
    I see an Ercoupe in the background.

    That's all I have.

  9. #20584
    It looks to have Gardan Minicab and/or Sipa S.90 similarities but, if so, I can't find anything of the sort that matches the photograph.

  10. #20585
    No French connection, I believe.
    Not in aerofiles, but USA. Flown 1961 and 155hp Franklin engine.

  11. #20586
    Found it eventually, Walter. It's the Phelps Li'l Spitfire.
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  12. #20587
    Hi Mike
    That is her. Thank you for the (better) photo

  13. #20588
    Thank you Walter. Here's something of similar vintage - yet another attempt to bring the joys of flight to the masses. This one could have been yours for the price of a small car -
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    Hi Mike
    The Saalfield Skyscooter by Herman A. Saalfield (USA). First flown 12 October 1960.
    Understand it was a basic Bensen B-8 gyrocopter with a streamlined body enclosure

  15. #20590
    That's the one, Walter, although I think it was actually spelt Skyskootor, presumably to distinguish it from other Skyscooters ! Over to you -

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    A one-of from the Southern Hemisphere
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    2/4-seater. Flown 1971. Lycoming O-290 engine

  18. #20593
    some (more) clues:

  19. #20594
    This is the RBT-1 by Ross Pattison from South Africa (RSA)
    For those interested, info in Janes 73/73 (JAWA). Registration was ZS-UFS

    Open House, please

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    A very elusive flying boat...

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    A Mitchell design? Looks very Walrus like cockpit glazing......

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    The Norman Thompson NT.2B The company was absorbed into Handley Page in 1919.

  23. #20598
    Nothing more to add.

    Pint for Lefty.

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    Thanks Kevin - more the weather for mulled wine here !
    Here's a pusher - on colonial service, by the looks of it.....
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    I think this is the Otto Pusher Biplane in German East Africa.

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