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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    we are in the murky waters of Gallic designations once more, I fear...

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    Mais pourquoi, mon ami, parce que sur l'aile bâbord il a dit .....

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    c’est pour brouiller les pistes, mon ami.....

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    Me, lay a false trail, Heaven forfend .....

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    Bassou FB.30 with a UK reg?

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    I won't prolong the agony, Kevin. It's G-AFCD, the second SCAL FB.30 Rubis (a name that Félix Bassou seemed to like for his aeroplanes), which took its pilot's life when it stalled, and dived in, on take-off from Hanworth Aerodrome on 12 June 1938. Its predecessor, F-PFOL, survived until 1955, when it was destroyed in an accident when its engine suffered power loss due to carburettor icing. A flowing tankard to Kevin and it's over to the lone star state!

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    Sorry, I have sad news for all of us:

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    Very sad news, Uli.
    Walter for me was the one person with the biggest knowledge on earth in light/experimental aircraft who could identify types which I had never heard of before.
    He will be missed dearly.

    Hopefully his vast knowledge will be preserved somewhere.

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    I shall be diminished by his passing.

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    Rest in peace, Walter. Never had the privilege of meeting you, but consider you a friend lost. A gentleman, no longer bound to the earth.

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    I had so hoped he was away for other reasons.

    Not sure when Walter first showed up here, it was a long time ago but as Robert mentioned he seemed to know every aircraft no matter how small or amateur built from 1945 on.

    Walter will be greatly missed. I am so sad for the loss of our friend. RIP Sir.

    As much as we probably don't feel like finding planes right now, I think he would have wanted us to continue as usual. I humbly submit.
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    Whilst not wishing to interfere further in the ongoing search of aeronautical identities, I do hope that we're not going to find similar news concerning Carlo.

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    Pretty convinced this was an A.20/A.26/B.26 conversion (Tail, engines, gear) but took a while to work out which one !

    It's the Rhodes Berry Silver Sixty, N5510V.

    thanks to

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    Thanks Kevin. We had something on skis just recently - here's another -
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    Would a Potez 25 be to easy, Mike?

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    Well actually it is the L-25 A-2, with Hispano-Suiza engine for Switzerland - but I didn't ask you to be specific, so off you go !

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    Thanks, Mike.
    So here we go with a grainy picture of a monoplane.
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    My guess is a Bleriot 111.

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    It is the Bleriot 111 in its fifth disguise.

    Over to Texas

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    Thanks Robert.

    A twin.
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    Couzinet 10 with mod. nose.


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    You got it Chris.

    Not sure if the Germans tried to fly it.

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    I asked a friend about it. With the military markings was it impressed or does anyone have more info on it.
    Just got more info.
    The Couzinet 10 carried civilian registration F-AQCD (not visible in the photo). It was a postal aircraft for Air France and was abandoned at the outbreak of the war.


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    A new one.

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