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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    It is a Fairchild YF-1

    Over to Chris

  3. #20478
    Interesting Biplane

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WOTJan17.jpg  

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    WWI from a major combatant


  5. #20480
    Is it the photograph or does it have a lack of ailerons? If so, does it have an all moving upper wing? As to its frontal profile, it looks to have the same nasal charm as the Angus Aquila!

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    That was my first impression too, Mike. The photo also appears to show a curious lack of horizontal tail surfaces on the port side !

  7. #20482
    ..... and a rudder with so little surface area that one wonders how, if the aeroplane lacked ailerons, the pilot managed to turn at all in flight.
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  8. #20483
    from Austria Hungary Priesel KEP

    Chris OH

  9. #20484
    Nice one, Chris - pretty obscure - no wonder we didn't get it, Mike. Your question answered, though - wing-warping.

    After much digging, found this page -

    In the meantime, something more recent - and to save time, it is not American....
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  10. #20485
    That looks very much like the Max Plan Busard, Mike.

  11. #20486
    Actually it is the much later (1975) derivative, built by Robert Lefebvre, but I think they are essentially the same. Over to you, Robert -

  12. #20487
    Thanks, Mike!

    On with this low-winged two-seater.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH-213.jpg  

  13. #20488
    Chrislea Airguard?

  14. #20489
    Not from Great Britain, Mike.

  15. #20490
    Hi fabulousfour
    The sole IAR-811 by URMV-3 (later named IAR-Intreprederea Aeronautică Română.

  16. #20491
    It is the IAR-811.

    Over to you, Walter.

  17. #20492
    Somewhat unusual. Still call if a biplane?
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    This is the Bijou by Roger Petersen, Minnesota. Engine is a 40hp Rockwell/JLO two-stroke. Aircraft intended to explore the overall configuration. Wingspan was 8.75ft.
    Completed around 1973.

    Open House, please

  19. #20494
    The strange thing about the Petersen Bijou is that it looks familiar somehow, but even now knowing the type I couldn't find anything about it in the www

    How about this beauty?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH-214.jpg  

  20. #20495
    Paulic XT3-B Robert.

    I got as far as the Jeep-O-Plane with the boxed wing pusher design...
    Last edited by Moses03; January 24th, 2020 at 04:28. Reason: typo

  21. #20496
    It is the Paulic, Kevin.

    Over to Texas, please.

  22. #20497
    Thanks Robert.

    Something a bit larger.

  23. #20498
    From a small but not obscure company. They built several designs, all for the military.

  24. #20499
    Could this be the Sturtevant S-4 as a landplane, Kevin?

  25. #20500
    It is! The last effort from the company.

    Over to Robert.🍺

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