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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

  1. #20651
    Hi pomme homme
    A Sauterelles?. I understand one was re-built/restored after WW2 by Jacques Delattre as JD-60

  2. #20652
    I looked at the Potez 60 also, Walter. But if he did restore it, he completely altered the fuselage, wing, struts, tail unit and gear ! But with the French, everything is possible......

  3. #20653
    I think it’s Michel 01 by Maurice Michel

  4. #20654
    Uli has it. It is the 1945 Michel 01 F-WCDP (which never migrated from that experimental registration to a CDN or CNRA registration).

    I think that the Sauterelle that you have in mind, Walter, is F-PVQB which flies with Espace Air Passion at Angers Marcé.

    Next stop, Germany!

  5. #20655
    Merci pomme homme,

    on with this "butterfly":
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 0i0i0i.jpg  

  6. #20656
    HM.1000 Balerit?

  7. #20657
    quick and correct!

  8. #20658
    Thank you, Uli. Here's something of an earlier vintage. It might be described as a 'before' photograph. Its brethren have hitherto manifest themselves in this place but not, I think, this model.

  9. #20659
    It's another from "la belle France"

  10. #20660
    I think, sir, that you'll need to be a little more specific.

  11. #20661
    I think this is the Albert A.110 which was found in a barn less its engine.

    No Ju 88 this time.

  12. #20662
    Well done, Robert. It is the Albert A.110 as found in an attic before its restoration by Classique Aéro Service at Orbigny. I suspect that the absence of a Ju 88 was down to an insufficiency of space in the attic - due to there having been an Albert A.61 in there too! Back to Germany.

  13. #20663
    Thanks, Mike!

    Here is something more modern.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SOH-221.jpg  

  14. #20664
    Suspect it is time for a wee hint, Robert - this one is fairly anonymous-looking and not even some scenery to give us a clue !

  15. #20665
    Hi fabulousfour
    The sole Partenavia P-70 Alpha (I-GIOY)

  16. #20666
    Sorry guys for not giving a clue in time, I've caught a flu and was in bed early yesterday.

    Of course Walter is correct, it is the Partenavia Alpha
    It is a pity that this quite good looking trainer remained a one-off.

    Over to Walter.

  17. #20667
    a 4/5-seater that may look familiar
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails quiz tomlf.jpg  

  18. #20668
    Not a homebuilt. Two countries, two well-known company names involved.

  19. #20669
    SIAI S.205/8
    WACO Vela 220


  20. #20670
    Hi Chris
    Indeed one of the Vela aircraft (N952W). Basic S-208, but with Franklin engine, extra cabin window and swept tail.

    Your turn, please

  21. #20671


    Oh, Walter. Twice in less than four years (!

  22. #20672
    A streamlined single

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WOTFeb27.jpg  

  23. #20673
    Russki Bok-1 high altitude research plane of 1936. (I know there can be several varying designations for this one).

  24. #20674
    I had it as Chizhevski BOK1 but over to you.


  25. #20675
    Something a little smaller.

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