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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Yup. Mid North-East-ish.....

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    Argh, not getting a hit. Maybe from a small company?

    I think it's in one of my Juptners.

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    I think I know it: Aeronca LCS

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    Aeronca...ooopf. Time to take a long walk on a short pier.

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    Well done Uli ! One of the comparatively few low wing Aeroncas. Over to you

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    Thank you Mike!

    How about this?
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    Looks like a cousin to the Ercoupe, a General Skyfarer.

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    looks like an RC airplane

    The Skyfarer it is to Kevin

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    Dang! I knew the Skyfarer, but I've been trying to identify the ship which I thought was part of the mystery

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    Thanks Uli.

    On with a twin...

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    I wonder about the many similarities with the Yakovlev AIR-19

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    IAR 814, perhaps

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    Marinavia Farina OQ.14 Levriero?


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    Chris has the country of origin...

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    A 1938 design but didn't actually fly until 1943. Conceived as a military VIP light transport. Note the twin tail.

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    Bestetti C.3

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    On with a jet somewhere in a backyard
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    Ahh, Uli, nearly fell into the trap there ! - in fact had 'Dass.....' typed out before the penny dropped. It is surely the SNCAC.NC 1080 in one of its early manifestations ? They altered the tail profile a few times.

    However the idea that an aeroplane could fly without ailerons was proven tragically wrong when it crashed fatally in 1950.

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    Milke, you are absolutely right on the NC.1080

    But you ruined my offer for Huub #23962

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    Sorry fellows - still having teething problems with my new rig, and compatibility with old software - result ? I can't scan anything at the moment.
    Rather than recycling some mystery that has been here before, I'd better declare Open House until I get things sorted out. Apologies for that...

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    In the meantime I can help with another toy-like "almost seen here"
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    Has that "squashed" look, must be one of the Eshelman EF-100's.

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    "Eshelman Winglet" according to my source

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