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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    It is the KB-2UT from Bulgaria. Over to Chris -

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    Should be a easy one.

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    Methinks this is the Kawasaki KAT-1.

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    That's the one over to Germany


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    Let's go on with a parasol.
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    It looks remarkably like a member of the Morane Saulnier MS.340 series - but I don't think that it is because of the straight wing and the V (rather than N or parallel) shape lift struts.

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    This is not a Morane, Mike.

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    I think it's a Tachikawa R-53

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    It is the Tachikawa R-53, Uli
    One of the first planes built in Japan after the war.

    Over to the Black Forest.

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    on with this
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    Uli, I think that is the Mignet HM.390 (possibly F-PJDY ?)

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    No Mignet according to my source

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    Could it be under Croses ? We are in the perilous waters of French designations, mind !
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    Having checked again, the gear is different, Uli. I await with interest. Surely the other Mike is the authority here ??

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    I learned that there is a more than fortuitous link to Mignet but it’s not French

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    ....... It's from the land of the rising sun .....

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    I was going to enquire whether it might be one of the Argentinian poux. There used to be an excellent website that listed all of the formule Mignet aeroplanes, both in France and around the world, but it no longer exists. It appears that its creator took it down. I wonder if anyone had the foresight to download the material from that website before it was taken from us?

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    Well my mystery was the Tachikawa R-HM from

    Open house with two open doors:

    - front door for Sopwith Chameleon
    - back door for anybody else if Sopwith Chameleon fails to post a new mystery within a reasonable time

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    The website to which I alluded yesterday is I believe that it has disappeared only recently.

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    OK, let's keep it rolling with an easy one -
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    Hi Mike
    The Morane-Saulnier MS-470 Vanneau 1 (reportedly originally named Lévrier) ?

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    Don't know about Lévrier, Walter, but it is certainly the MS.470. Over to you -

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    Before you ask, yes she is shown here in her finished state.
    If it helps, construction was all-aluminium and the wings could be folded (upwards).
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    My memory tells me that this minimalist aeroplane has put in an appearance here before - but I can't remember when or what it is!

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