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    You're spot on with the first country mentioned. More specifically, it was built in l'Hérault in 1947. It was tiny, the wingspan being five metres and the length just less than that.

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    Hi pomme homme
    Upon risk of losing the rest of what is left of my reputation:
    The Servais PS-2 by Pierre Servais? If correct that could make the parasoller the PS-10

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    You're far too modest, Walter.

    It is Pierre Servais' first post-war creation. As to a designation, I don't know if it was the PS.2. My contemporary source refers to it only as the Servais Biplan of 1947. Maybe it was given a designation subsequently?

    It is referred to obliquely by Pierre Gaillard when he mentions its successor, the 1950 PS.10 'Paul Vergnes' parasol monoplane. I know of no other photos of the tiny 1947 biplane.

    Take it away, Walter.

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    Thank you pomme homme

    Your description of the use of several engines put me on the right track. I had the PS-10 in my files, but not the biplane which I understand could indeed have been designated as the PS-2. I also had my hopes set on you for a high quality colour photo of the biplane, but alas.........

    Next one is also a biplane, but with a difference.
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    Thanks to the help of Chris () I could find a plane built by Paul Eddy and which is described as a biplane version of a PT-22.

    Here is another picture I could find which seems to be the same aircraft.
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    What a wonderful forum
    Now we seem to have two Ryan PT biplane modifications.
    My one is indeed a modified Ryan PT-22 and was known as the Winters Ryan Special. She was built by Cliff Winters for aerobatic show work around the mid-1950s.
    Engine was a Continental W670 and registration was N246R(?).
    Sadly lost in a fatal crash, afaik.
    Thank you fabulousfour for the picture of Paul Eddy`s biplane. Entirely new to me!

    May I give Chris the honours of posting our next challenge? He was first to react.

    Here is a picture in flight with clearly Ryan Special on the tail. (courtesy SDASM)
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    Go for it, Chris!

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    I find it curious that the two Ryan mods are so very similar (apart from power plant) even to the extent of having identical livery (apart from the tail). There has to be more to this !

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    Could it be that the Winters Special is a further modification of Paul Eddy's biplane?

    According to my source Eddy's plane was built around 1950/51, the magazine is from April 1951. When the Winters Special was built in the mid-1950s this would be possible from the period of time.

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    Robert If you come up with one before I do I'm busy this week. Go for it. I did the easy part you did the hard part find out which one. Since I'm not into civilian aircraft except to fly them.


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    Thanks, Chris!

    Let's go on with an aircraft with obviously heavenly assistance.

    Shouldn't last too long with all you experts here.
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    OK, which one is the Singing Nun? If it weren't for the lack of another three engines, I'd guess that it might be a Consolidated Dominiquerator!

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    I would go for the Hispano HA-100E-1 Triana with the Beta engine

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    It is the Hispano Triana.

    Over to you, Walter.

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    I'm still trying to figure out which one is Sally Fields the flying nun.


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    Hi Chris, You can stop looking. Sally took the picture

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    How doe we call this one? A flying wing, a canard wing or a twin tail boom type.
    To help a bit: she first flew as flying wing with canard foreplanes. The twin tailboom was added later.
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    Looks as if he got his C of G too far aft......

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    As you know, Walter, anything white is normally out of my comfort zone !

    But after a bit of digging have come up with something. The EM-12 designed by Edward Margaski ?

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    Hi Mike
    That is her. The Malgosia II by Edward Marganski from Poland. I just learned from you that this one is designated EM-12. I did not know!

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    This was the technical article I unearthed...

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    Here's something older and fuzzier..
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    That, unless I am much mistaken, is the München Grane of 1928.

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    Indeed it is, Mike.

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