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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Thanks Huub. Now this wee beastie has been here before, but quite a few years ago.
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    So this is actually more a memory test than recognising the aircraft.

    It looks like a Miles, but knowing you, I'm quite sure it isn't


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    Not a Miles, Huub. It is in fact American - those pants should be a bit of a clue. In Aerofiles but no pic. Unusual in that aircraft and engine designed by the same company..

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    That Sir, is the Jones S-125 in one of it's many forms. (I think)

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    Well there is a can of worms worthy of the French light aircraft industry here !

    Jane's 1937 has it as the National S-125, powered by a National Motor (unlikely) and produced in Indianapolis.

    The Jones/White machine from Schenectady has a superficial resemblance, but even in its canopied version did not have a side-by-side cockpit ! (As for sellling to China ? Nahhhhh.)

    If you have discovered more since the last time it appeared (2013) Kevin, please let us know ! In the meantime, press on....

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    I did find a photo in my steamer trunk of the S-125, labeled National. The same designation between the Jones and National is confusing! I think I hamfisted the answer.

    Moving on, if you all will indulge me. Have this photo with a 1926 date and mention of a Curtiss OX-5 engine(s).

    I don't know what it is, or if it really existed. Multi-winged seaplane fun!

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    Looks like the Johns Multiplane on floats?

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    I swear that looks like a Montee monoplane parked on top. Makes no sense!

    It is a little Johnsish.
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    The words 'photo' and 'shop' spring to mind, Kevin !. Even if they did have the bright idea of putting floats on that monster, then sticking a Short/Mayo type machine on top for good measure, I very much doubt if they would send it out in a Force 8 gale !
    Looks like April 1 hs come a little early...

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    I think so Mike.

    Will post a new mystery later when I am back at the computer.

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    Onward with something less obtuse.

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    That is a nice picture of a Lublin R.XI

    BTW: The monstrosity posted by Kevin didn't let me rest and I did some photo-detective work.

    I have made a collage of Kevin's picture together with a picture of the Johns Multiplane taken from The latter picture was mirrored by me.
    Now I am quite sure that Kevin's mystery doesn't only look like but indeed is the Multiplane.
    The propeller and some minor spots must have been retouched but I think the rest identical. Even the deflections of the ailerons are the same.

    I wonder what the source of the picture is and if it might indeed has been an April hoax.
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    Interesting Robert.

    I think I found the source of the photo. From a 1926 dated Aviation journal. (On my phone so apologies for the quality). What an odd advertisement.

    Right on with the Lublin.
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    Very interesting, Kevin!
    Must have been the only company to build aeroplanes and baby buggies.

    Here is my new mystery.
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    A one-off from a lesser known European manufacturer.

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    A look into Eastern Europe would be helpful.

    First flight nearly 100 years ago.

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    Ahhh ! That must be the Astra-Sesefski (excuse lack of correct characters) from

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    It is the Astra Sesefsky from Romania.

    Over to Scotland

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    Thank you sir. Here's one that is very easy, but seems to have escaped this forum in the past, so here she is.....
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    Hello ! Is there anybody out there ????

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    apparently no one wants to identify the Breda Ba.201

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    Apparently somebody does, Uli ! (I suspect it was too easy, so they were all holding off....) Over to you -

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    Well itís difficult to find the best balance between trivial and challenging. Letís try this. According to my search it should be new here.
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    built in two versions (approx. 10 times), either biplane or high-wing

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    Not getting any kind of vibe on this one. When in doubt, Eastern Europe perhaps.

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