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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Not really happy with the Waco diagnosis - fin shape, wings, etc don't look quite right. It's just that radiator. Where's Kevin ?

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    Never seen it before Mike. Haven't a clue about it.

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    Okay then, an open board float plane...

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    Could that be a Colombian Curtiss Falcon on floats?

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    Suds for Robert!

    Over to Germany.

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    Thanks, Kevin!

    It's raining cats and dogs here, so suitable to the weather here another floater.
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    Can't resist any longer - Argentinian Stearman 76D-1

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    Nothing more to add, Mike!

    Over to Scotland.

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    Something a little larger..
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    I'll stick my neck out - as I cannot find a photograph - but could this be the Tellier 1100?

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    No, Mike, this is the Tellier 1000. It is European though....
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    Yes, that's the only photo of the Tellier 1000 that I could find - and I extrapolated from that, using such data as is available, to arrive at my guess at the 1100. Oh well. Tant pis!

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    Yes, the ill-fated Bresciani. Firing a 25mm cannon was tragically too much for the airframe -

    Over to you, Chris

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    Have Fun

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    I think I might have found the answer to my mystery plane "Thomas-Morse S-1A" I think it's a Yackey Sport circa 1925-27. So the "S" might stand for Sport. They modified them with OX-5 and all upper wing panel i.e. lower wing was upper wing panels. I found pictures with various seat configurations. 1-3seats. All the pictures I've found are different. Attached is one with same type radiator.

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    Think you've cracked it, Chris. But there's something very odd about that upper wing/strut arrangement !

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    I noticed that glad someone else saw it.


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    another one from a good source of stumpers not France or anywhere around there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by cthornburg View Post
    another one from a good source of stumpers
    Eastern Europe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cthornburg View Post
    another one from a good source of stumpers not France or anywhere around there.

    Hey Chris!
    Can't see the image!
    P.S.unless you are referring to #18515!

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    Yes if was referring to current unknown. 18515.
    last clue not Europe. It was used by Constitutionalista against the gov't.


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    Could that be the "Sao Paulo" from the Brazilian FPSP?

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    I had it as Aviao S. Paulo
    I don't know what FPSP? is. I had reference to it and these two images are all I have after many years of looking for it.
    Over to you Robert good one. If you have any more info please share.


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    Hi Chris.

    Didn't know anything about that plane until today.

    FPSP is the "Forca Publica de Sao Paulo", the biplane seems to be from 1925 (sorry, my knowledge of the Portuguese language is close to nil).

    I found some links with a few more photos of that plane:

    Somebody has built a model of the "Sao Paulo" and it seems that there is a replica somewhere in a museum.

    Next mystery will follow soon.

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