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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Emsco B-7 Sport, to be precise. Hope you enjoyed California, Kevin !

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    Thanks Mike. Was in San Francisco holed up in meetings most of the time so not much in the way of fun or recreation.

    Here is one that is neither an avionette or a backyard special.

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    Fiat G.212?

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    Not the Fiat Mike, sorry. Look closer to home...

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    right from the Pacifique

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    It is the Blow-sch, Blaush or Bloash. (Not sure how the French would say it).

    Over to Chris.

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    Nice low winger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    It is the Blow-sch, Blaush or Bloash. (Not sure how the French would say it).
    Think of "Loch Ness", add a "B" and delete the "Ness" and I think you have it roughly...

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    Interesting Robert. Didn't think the 'ch" had a hard sound.

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    Interesting indeed - in my ignorance, I have always pronounced it 'Blosh'. Didn't know it had a Scottish/Germanic guttural 'ch'. (only truly hard, Kevin, if you are an English tourist, who refers to Lock Ness ! )

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    It's easier to pronounce it 'Dassault'!

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    Chris's grainy lady is the Manko MT-2.

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    That's the one over to you


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    Thanks Chris
    sorry for the delay - been on gardening duty this lovely day...

    Here's a very neat floater for its day -
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    That Sir, is the SIA Luzzatto Roma of 1913.

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    Indeed it is, Kevin. Over to you !

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    Thanks Mike. Lots of goodies from Lake Como.

    Something newer...

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    Paramount Cabinaire A-70 ?

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    Suds for the Scotsman. Better make it a Guinness.

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    Right - here's one for e.a.wicklund. Western European, never got into production, but you should be able to track it down......
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    I think if e.a. hasn't replied after the 24hrs, someone else should nail this and move on......

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    Somebody ???

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