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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    I donot know much on this one, except name, type and country of origin. Stumbled upon her accidently.
    Have set aside an empty shoebox for anyone who can provide more details/info.
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    Obviously with wheel pants (and maybe the spring steel gear) of an old Cessna 172.

    But the aircraft is a mystery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Maybe Kevin has something on him ?
    Nope, not on my radar. First time I'm hearing of this designer.

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    The shiny girl is from the Americas (not USA).
    I have seen the designers name on a much earlier single-seater which also featured "reverse" struts on the low wing.

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    The "El Malvinero" LV-X523 from Argentina.

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    Hi fabulousfour
    The country is right, the registration also and I believe you on the name.
    All I got is that the designer (plus builder?) could be a Mr. Yakstas, member of the Argentina EAA.
    An earlier aircraft bearing his name was LV-X95 (later also seen as LV-X095), the YBS-721. That aircraft may still be around.
    Columbo, How did you find her? I would like to fill my shoebox.

    Your turn please

  7. #17607
    Hi Walter.
    When you wrote that the plane is from the Americas but not the US, I assumed that this plane might come from Argentina, like the Berca that you posted some time ago.
    I then eventually stumbled upon a site about an EAA convention in Argentina where I found the plane.

    When you scroll through the pages, there are lots of photos of the "Malvinero".

    If I understand the site correctly, the Malvinero is to be equipped with two small turbines as extra power for displays (?).

    Next mystery will come soon.

    Edit: Found a photo where the aircraft seems to have installed the turbines already.

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    Here is my next one.
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    I think, I touched this one already.
    If so, it should be the MFI-10 Vipan
    the first aircraft with glass-fiber reinforced main landing gear struts

  10. #17610
    Looks like the Malmö MFI-10 Vipan. Think this one is the demonstrator.

  11. #17611
    If I hadn't been struggling with my Swedish keyboard, would have beaten Uli to the punch !

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    It is the Vipan, here still in civil colours.

    Uli, enjoy a refreshing cold beer against the heat
    Yesterday we had unbelievable 37 C and no rain since weeks. Feels - and looks - like Sahara

    Mike, as a consolation prize, what about a small cup of beer?

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    here comes a fresh breeze ...
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    A rather fat one...

  15. #17615
    Hi fabolousfour
    Somewhat late, but thank you very much for the links to the Argentine homebuilt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giruXX View Post
    here comes a fresh breeze ...
    Hi Uli
    This is the Focke-Wulf A36 "Mastgans" (no idea what this means…)

  17. #17617
    Hi Carlo,

    this is all correct. According to my dictionary Mastgans means „fattened goose” and this is what was behind Robert’s comment. I don’t think that this is the right time of the year for a Mastgans meal. But we shall be happy with the bird you are going to present next. Enjoy

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    Arezzo (Italy) one of the beautiful tuscan hilltowns
    Dear Uli!
    Thanks for your comments over the "Mastgans" I couldn't find it on my Langenscheidts but eventually I discovered the translation on the net which is exactly what you said....
    Having said that may I submit this nice monoplane coming from a rather turbulent country...let's see if you agree on her name...

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    Good morning Carlo. From our neighbors to the south, the TNCA 5-E-123.

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    Arezzo (Italy) one of the beautiful tuscan hilltowns
    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    Good morning Carlo. From our neighbors to the south, the TNCA 5-E-123.
    Hi Kevin!
    Yes you got it though I have her only as TNCA 5-E. By the way would you have some information such as year of first flight (I have it as 1926), which engine was fitted in….information on mexican aviation is to say the least scarce, misleading and the few available posts give often conflictual infos…

  21. #17621
    Thanks Carlo. Will send you some nuggets if I can find them.

    Up next, a swell little canard-

  22. #17622
    The photo is dated "26-8-44". Two designers had a hand in it, one who moved on to the automotive world.

  23. #17623
    Hmmm - the date format presumably means it is not American, and in 1944 not too many people were building light aircraft in Europe !

  24. #17624
    I was surprised by the date too Mike if it is accurate.

    The main designer worked on several well-known aircraft at a company based in Varese...

  25. #17625
    Ambrosini SS.4 - even though that would put it out by some five years?

    Edit: I think that I might be barking up the right sort of tree without being quite there!

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