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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Where are the experts for "After-Woodstock Mystery Aircraft"?

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    We must presume Walter is otherwise engaged, Uli.....

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    I did actually have a go at this one, and dug out my only post-millennium Jane's (2002-3). It contains a couple of dozen very similar white plastic creations, but nothing which fits exactly.....

    Curious to know how you expected us to recognise it as East European - the neo-Brutalist hangar architecture in the background, perhaps ?

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    I must admit that these “modern Piper Cubs” all look alike. Does this mean that history repeats?
    My picture shows OK-NUU 03 an Aerosette MH-46 Eclipse, cf.

    Open House then

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    Thanks, Uli -maybe someone can tell us the definition of an ultralight, as this looks like a normal aeroplane to me!

    Here's something definitely not white, and grainy almost to Mose standards.

    Hint - I bought a book of old photographs on my holiday - this is described as 'a seaplane found floating in the Atlantic and towed in by a fishing boat.'

    I've managed to deduce what it was - anyone else ?
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    I guess the picture is taken in the bay of Funchal.

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    Have some ...... m'dear!

    Whether an aeroplane is an ultralight depends, mainly, on its seating capacity and all up weight - and this differs from country to country. You'll find some guidance at

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    Thanks Mike - I had always pictured microlights as nylon-and-piano-wire machines, but it's obviously subtler than that.

    You're both, of course, correct about Madeira - the next bit of detective work might take a wee while longer.....I at first thought Junkers but you can dismiss that one !

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    Good morning campers, at first glance thought this might be a Martin MO-1 but the floats are off.

    Must be a European effort.

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    Correct. I thought you might be the first taker for this one.....

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    Looks a bit like the Caproni Ca.124 but I doubt that it is her.

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    This military machine was built in a west European country and a few were sold to the mother country of Madeira... Very famous designer - one of Kevin's favourites.....

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    Then it should be the Fokker T.III.
    I thought about Fokker already but looked only for pictures of the T.II where the floats look quite different...

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    I stalled out on the T.II and then had to go back to work.

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    Which T.III is it in the photograph? Online it says that one was 'lost in fog over the sea near Brest' on its delivery flight. If that was the one 'found floating in the Atlantic' then it's a heck of a long way for a fishing boat to tow a floatplane - from Brest to Funchal!

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    It has to be one of the three T.IIIW machines purchased by Portugal. I've been unable to find exact details - obviously it isn't the one which foundered in the Bay of Biscay.

    The giveaway is the very wide floats and accompanying strutting -there is simply nothing else which fits.

    I'll try to get more detail on my next trip to Funchal in 2019 (a creature of habit), although my lack of Portuguese is a hindrance ! - in the meantime the cerveja goes to Robert -

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