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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

  1. #16926
    A little grainy but unique.

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  2. #16927
    This plane is not quite a sailplane but nonetheless also hasn't received a proper engine

    It is the Haessler-Villinger HV.1 Mufli powered by muscles and flew about 700 m in its longest flight as early as 1937!

  3. #16928
    That's the one over to you


  4. #16929
    Something bigger and faster.
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  5. #16930
    Well known manufacturer that is still building aircraft today, though only in slow rate.

    He has quite a reputation for his vehicles built for the road!

  6. #16931
    Piaggio P.3


  7. #16932
    You got it, Uli, it is the Piaggio.

    And the vehicle I referred to of course is the Vespa.

  8. #16933
    Thank you Robert. My next is a somewhat smaller and more recent "insect".
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  9. #16934
    I know that one from the Flugzeugforum, a legendary mystery long time ago.

    I'll leave the solution to somebody else.

  10. #16935
    The designer of this craft also built an ornithopter.

  11. #16936
    I like your clues, Uli - it gives the Fife Detective Agency a chance to get the little grey cells working...

    In this case, I've come up with a gentleman called Adalbert Schmid (Bert Smith) who flapped around for a while - this is his earlier Mosquito model.

  12. #16937
    well the next clue would have been to congratulate fabulousfour to his „break“ (German: Pause)
    It’s the Pause Mücke from 1939 designed by the mentioned Adalbert Schmid.

    Over to Scottland

  13. #16938
    Thank you.

    At risk of incurring the wrath of Moses (!), here's a real grainy wee you can see, a competitive machine, although tragically unsuccessful.....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails wghftd.jpg  

  14. #16939
    The Peyret Monoplane of 1923 that was registered for the Lympne Light Aeroplane Trials of that year. I think that this is the Douglas engined example (which wikipedia says didn't actually attend) rather than the Sergant engined example in which Alexis Maneyrol lost his life.

  15. #16940
    According to my source, Mike, (Douglas Light Aero Engines, by Brian Thorby) this is the Douglas-engined Peyret, and it was this one, rather than the two Sergant-engined models, which suffered a catastrophic structural failure.

    They were brave pilots in those days.....

    Over to you, sir

  16. #16941
    Thank you, Mike. Here's a somewhat minimal aeroplane that doesn't seem to have put in an appearance here hitherto.

  17. #16942
    Hi pommehomme
    Could this be the Poullin JB-30 light ag-plane (F-WGIR)?

  18. #16943
    Not could be, but is! Over to you - and no birds from Vlissingen, please!

  19. #16944
    Thanks pommehomme
    Like the Scheldemeeuw a tiny aircraft. And it has a bird`s name (sort of)
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  20. #16945
    That, Sir, is the M-5 "Phoenix" from N. Masterov in Rossija.

    Nice little bird.

  21. #16946
    That sir, is 100% correct.

  22. #16947
    Here is a wee bird with an unconvential look.
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  23. #16948
    Not too much in the net about this bird, however, it is in aerofiles (without photo).

  24. #16949

  25. #16950
    Close, but not the Batwing.

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