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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    It is the elegant Piaggio P.23R.

    Enjoy a pint, Uli.

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    Thank you, Robert.
    on with this
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    The Bloudek XV "Lojze" of 1929 (or maybe 1930?).

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    yes, indeed
    enjoy a glass

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    Thanks and sorry for the delay.

    Floater time again.

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    Probably N63L, the Lycoming 680E-engined Gannet/Super Widgeon ?

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    It's N77750 but listed as a Widgeon.

    Close enough!

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    That was a surprise. For a moment I thought Moses had been digging through my slide collection!
    Not sure of the US registration, but it may have been, in a previous life, the SCAN30/Gannet owned by Ontario Paper in Canada. If so, the other pic I have would be of me sitting in the right seat.
    Might be time to dig into the musty old boxes.
    AFAIK, all the various engine-conversions still carried the G44/G44A designation on the certificate. The Grumman-built ones had serial#s in the 1200-1400 range, the French ones were odd in the serials are 1-41.

    BTW Lefty, N63L seems to have been exported to Pakistan and was once owned by John (Jack) Conroy - of Turbo-3, CL-44, AeroSpacelines fame.

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    I was fascinated by this wonderful source -

    If you scroll down to page 7 you'll find N7775C - could that have been it, Kevin ? (N63L seems to have the same paint job as yours...)

    Rob, the history of all the SCAN Gannets is there too - maybe you are referring to CF-LFQ ?

    I would buy the Air-Britain book but I'm not allowed any more aviation books till I get rid of some of the surplus ones !

    Back with a new mystery after breakfast......

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    OK, here's another - she has been here before, but a long time ago, and most of the photos from those threads have long gone,,,,,,,,,,
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    ANF Les Mureaux 120

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    Carry on....

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    not sure if this one has appeared here before
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    (a Spanish bird despite its Italian engine)

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    A fling wing

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    Kay Type 33/1 Gyroplane.

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    Currently hanging on a wall in a museum in Edinburgh !

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post

    If you scroll down to page 7 you'll find N7775C - could that have been it, Kevin ? (N63L seems to have the same paint job as yours...)
    Think so Mike. (I also listed the wrong reg - confused my O with a C).

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    That's it I knew it would be quick being for the UK


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    Thank you, Chris. Since whirlybirds haven't featured heavily here of recent times, let's stick with the breed for the present.

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    Well according to one well-known source, this is the earlier Kay 32/1 giroplane, but I have no other info at the moment...

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    Nor have I, Mike, beyond that. It is the predecessor to the gyroplane earlier posted by Chris.

    Now returning to the Type 33/1, I have two questions. They are:

    1. is the gentleman in the photograph David Kay and, if so, why is he hanging on to the Pobjoy engine dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown?

    2. is the reason why it is suspended vertically on the wall of the Edinburgh museum that the curator thinks that the vertical lift comes from the Pobjoy engine and propellor and that the rotor blades provide the forward momentum?

    Pro tem, it's over to lefty.

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    Mike, can't offer much help here. In fact one of my oldest pals is related to David Kay but I doubt if he has details of his ancestor's dress sense.

    Re the Museum, I have little faith in the Curator, regarding aviation. They sank all their funds into acquiring a Concorde so they could lure in the masses, despite it's having no Scottish connections whatsoever. Meanwhile the Beaufighter lies rotting away in a shed.....and a glorious collection of props and engines remains closed to the public. Including an original donated by Wilbur Wright himself. Talk about dumbing-down.

    I think we'll have OH, please.....

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    Just back from hospital a few days ago still with shaking legs. If it could be of any help I have in my collection pomme homme picture(exactly the same) which is labelled: Kay Type 32/1 (1932-UK) fitted with ABC Scorpion engine. Cheers

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