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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    At last................................

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    Thank you, Mike. In the interests of inclusivity, here's something odd and easy.

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    Mike, I have it as the Peyret VI. Looks like the same photo.
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    Same photograph, same article as I have. A pint of best bitter for Kevin! Yes, it's the Peyret - or the Lignel - or the SFCA - VI Taupin. Hence it's over to Texas from a rather wet and windy France.
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    Thanks Mike. Moving on with a floater.

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    Several of these showed up in the late 1920's with different engines and as landplanes. Only one was put on floats.

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    How about a Mohawk MLV Pinto ? And who's the dame ?

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    Pinto beans it is.

    Not sure who the dame was. Nice outfit though.

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    Thanks anyway. Here's a chunky bipe on some sort of a mission.....
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    Mike, I have been down the rabbit hole before with it, but still not sure the exact designation.

    This is either a modified Alliance A-1 Argo or a heavily modified Hess Blue Bird NX1445. It was going to cross the Pacific but never made it.
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    This is my third attempt at posting an answer - the other two have disappeared into the Black Hole that is SOH in the morning.....

    Found this machine in an Italian publication of the period (1928) - it refers to it as the Biplano Wanda.

    Aerofiles lists NX1445 as the Bluebird Dole Special, but also refers to the 'Hess Mess', so maybe we'd better leave it at that ! Over to Texas (hopefully).....

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    It was named "Miss Wanda" at one point.

    Moving on with a quirky biplane.

    Mike- I think you might have been trying to post when the forum was doing it's nightly update.

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    This one had a novel feature as evidenced by the funky tail. First flown November 1919, and by all accounts was a good flier.

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    Not in Aerofiles so not much to go on. Brothers Charles and Cornelius Stacy designed, built and flew this successfully in Dayton Ohio and then moved on to other things. Most notably an automatic chicken feeder and luminous paint for roadway markings.

    The tail was adjusted by a hard lever controlled by the pilot. No wires or pulleys. A bit unwieldy!

    Open house then-

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    While we're waiting, could someone shed some light on this mysterious amphibian ? (You know my obsession with these). It looks very Dornier-ish.

    My Italian is very basic - does 'ideato e costruito' mean 'designed and built' ?

    Carlo, I do hope you are recovered from your health problems - perhaps you can help here....
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    Mike, there is a thread about this plane at the secretprojects forum with some additional pictures and text in French.
    Do you have an account there?

    Edit: Here is the original document from gallica:

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    Going on with a sleek biplane.
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    I was tempted to post remarks about Irish home rule and mischievous devils - but, instead, I'll just ask if this is the sole Parnall Imp.

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    It is indeed the Parnall Imp, Mike, here with its race number for the King's Cup.

    Enjoy a pint.

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    Thank you, Robert. I'll take a half, and a raincheck on the other half, as I suspect that I'll be up most of the night trying to nurse a poorly ewe back to life.

    Here's something that is broadly contemporary with the Imp. It was in a parlous state, when this photograph was taken, and I don't think that its state has improved subsequently. However I'd be delighted to be proved wrong.

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    Mike, I think these are the remains of the Surrey AL.1 that were (still are?) in storage after the war.

    A rather sad view...

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    Yes, Robert, that is what remains of the Surrey Flying Services AL.1 after decades in store in the legendary barn of Bertram Arden near Exeter. That image itself is, I believe, about three decades old and whilst I'm unaware of any later photographs, I have no reason to believe that the condition of this old girl has improved. But enough of this. The baton passes back to Germany.

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    Thanks, Mike.
    Those decaying planes have a rather morbid charm.

    On with a more modern looking trimotor.
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    This rather sleek plane was a one-off and first flew in the mid-1930s.

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    The Piaggio P.23R

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