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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    A little more help toward the answer, peut-être? This was the designer's second aeroplane. The first was produced in 1924. This was produced in 1948. It was powered by a Volkswagen engine.

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    Well, I could provide all the technical specifications for this little Sidi-Bel-Abbès built creature, which the press described as 'part aeroplane, part motor glider', but I suspect that it won't help. However in the absence of an earlier identification, I'll let it run until the end of the day before revealing all!

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    Sorry, Mike, somehow just can't lay my hands on my Encyclopaedia of Algerian Home-Built Aircraft.........

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    Maybe the Ligreau Gl.4 built by Georges Ligreau?

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    Well done, Robert. That's the gal!

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    well done fabulousfour. It proves you know your classics
    Now pomme homme only needs to disclose the technics of the GL-4 and donate his copy of the book Lefty was looking for to him.

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    Never heard of that plane before today, Walter.

    It were just Mikes' clues that led me to the solution.

    I finally found reference to the Ligreau GL.4 at secretprojects where three aircraft are mentioned, the Avionette from 1924, a transformed Avia 152A and the GL.4.

    Now, assuming that the GL.4 was the fourth constructed aircraft of Georges Ligreau, which one is missing?

    Here is my next mystery, a close and unbiased look might help.
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    I can't, Mike, oblige you with the specific book you require but I can recommend Pierre Jarrige's books - L'Aviation Légère en Algérie 1909-1939 and L'Aviation Légère en Algérie 1945-1962 - and his website ( The latter is the source of my second photograph, which M. Jarrige has failed to recognise as the Ligreau GL.4 and captions as 'Vers 1956 à Maison-Blanche, un avion d'origine inconnue construit par un amateur oranais', despite his website elsewhere containing a reference to and description of the GL.4 (q.v.

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    Thanks Mike - fascinating indeed - I'll just nip down to W.H.Smith's on Monday and pick up a copy of those..........

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    The aircraft was built a few dozen times, the plane in the photo was the last survivor then.
    It differed slightly in appearance to the original type and crashed fatally about 50 years ago.

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    From a well known company whose fame is based mainly on only one aircraft type.

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    Think of a big, long-legged, black and white bird...

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    Hi fabulousfour
    A wild guess, the Fieseler F-5R?

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    It is the Fieseler F 5R HB-ELF which found its way to Switzerland at the end of the war and received a canopy later on!
    Over to you, Walter

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    Thank you fabulousfour. Your description of the brird that brings new life did it.
    New challenge is a high wing type in flight (I also have a better picture of her on the ground)
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    With some imagination you could say this is number 4 in line.

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    Léger JCL-01 (I wonder if it is related?)

    Edit: yes it was, the designer following in his father's footsteps!

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    hi pomme homme
    Very absolutely and without doubt, the Léger JCL-01 (F-PVQX) by Jean-Claude, son of René of RL-1, RL-2 and RL-3 fame.
    First flown 3 May 1975 and 65hp Walter Mikron II engine.
    Wonder why he deviated from the family tradition as she is not a parasol wing type.

    Your turn, please

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    Thank you, Walter.

    Perhaps, unlike his dad, he didn't like al fresco flying. Take away the enclosed cockpit structure and, I suspect, you'd have a parasol wing monoplane.

    Now here's a real parasol wing monoplan, although it's rather deshabillé.

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