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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Thanks, Uli

    Third biplane in a row now.
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    You have it, Chris

    Next one please.

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    a modified aircraft

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    Is it one of the Doppelraab modications that spawned the various Motorraab powered gliders and ultimately produced the Pützer Elster?

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    Your about half a world away from this one.


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    Charter Member 2017 srgalahad's Avatar
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    I'd be thinking a modified Schweizer 1-19 with what might be a Rotax.
    Maybe Canada but the airport doesn't look familiar so I'm lost.
    Identifying the Beech 18 Tri-gear in the background might be easier

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
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    It is a modified Schweizer 2-22 but Canada is not a half the world away from Germany have to go farther.


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    All that green grass, perhaps it suggests New Zealand?

  10. #20035
    Not New Zealand getting closer


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    It's a modified SGS2-22 I assume by the AF. I've also seen one when I was in Manado a 2-22 with a power plant on a stick out of the fuselage. They are also the ones that modified a piper cub with low wings. It's out of Indonesia.

    Open House


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    Hi Chris
    Appreciate if you can disclose the registration (if any) on the modified/motorized Schweizer from Indonesia. Thank in advance.

    Next one is not from that far (at least from where I live). Sorry for the bad pic.
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    Might that be the Aérostructure Lutin-80?

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    Hi pomme homme
    She looks very similar, but not the Lutin 80. This one appeared 5 years after the Lutin 80 and engine was a (modified) Citroen Visa.

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    [QUOTE=wout;1199889]Hi Chris
    Appreciate if you can disclose the registration (if any) on the modified/motorized Schweizer from Indonesia. Thank in advance.

    Bondol G-123M motorglider, see

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    Stab in the dark, Walter. Would this be the Arplam Leuvense L-1 ?

  17. #20042
    Hi Mike
    That is her. View your skills in stabbing in the dark, how about considering a Las Vegas act?
    Circa 1988, registration OO-VGG. Developed by the Leuven University Aero Club with financial help from the Flemish Government. Only a prototype built.

    giruXX, thank you for the link on the modified Schweizer from Indonesia

    Mike, your turn please

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    Thanks Walter - never been to Las Vegas and pretty sure I would hate it !

    Thanks to your clues, I consulted my 1998-90 Janes and was taken aback by the huge number of virtually identical motor gliders from many countries - streamlined, mid-fuselage pusher, and T-tail. Only a 3-view of this one, but the fact that it came from was the clincher !

    It's AGES since we had a floater - here's a very neatly-designed one........
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    1916, Anzani engine. 2 built.

  20. #20045
    Wight Trainer Seaplane

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    Indeed, Uli. Sometimes known as the White Trainer Seaplane because it was built by J Samuel White & Co, who were based, of course in the Isle of Wight !

    Over to Germany...

    PS What IS that machine in your avatar ???

  22. #20047
    That IS the P-51 from the "European Air War" starter sequence

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    Here comes a funny little number
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    there is a certain relation with my previous post

  25. #20050
    Hi giruXX
    Midget Mustang II ?

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