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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Spot on Robert. It was photographed at the same New York show as the Taft.

    Have at it-
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    Thanks Kevin, here's another floater
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    Hmm, going to take a shot in the dark. Maybe the Yokosho Ho-go small seaplane of 1918?

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    You are on the right track but that's not the bird.
    The plane flew a little later.

    I should have altered the face of that lady

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    The Yokosuka K1Y, also known as the Navy Type 13 Trainer, by any chance?

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    Spot on, Uli

    Here is the "uncensored" picture.
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    I have another deputy of the floater theme:
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    'Tis the FGP 227

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    identified even if I have it as FG 227

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    Indeed, I have both ! (Depends whether you add the 'Prag' to the Fertigungsgemeinschaft...) Yet another scaled-down floater, which like most of the others, didn't achieve much.

    This didn't float, to the best of my knowledge. Must have been quite bracing to fly..(and keep that Red Baron silk scarf well tucked in !)
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    Ah, back to France. That's the Daspect III.

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    Aha ! Stirrings from the heart of France - yes, M. Becherau's wee flivver indeed

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    Is that a Dewoitine D.371 in the background on the right?

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    Yes, and Mike is going to tell us what's in the background rear left too, with his mystery.......

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    ..... Kellner-Béchereau Type E1?

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    And in the meantime, un avion déshabillé - which shouldn't tax you lot for long!

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    I'd rather guess that's an E-5.

    There is quite a distance between wing and top of the fuselage.

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    Here is a photo of the E-5 in the same location more or less with the Dewoitine in the background.

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    What's the aerodrome?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pomme homme View Post
    What's the aerodrome?
    Dunno Mike. Thought you might have that info.

    BTW- I know the designer of your skeletal tricycle gear biplane but not the designation. Will see if someone else has the goods as I don't know enough about it.

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    I guess Jacques' avion had the same designation/name as the successor with conventional gear...

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    Curiously he had the same surname as my neighbour.

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    Come on, gentlemen. At least two of you know what it is but apparently are being coy. Please reveal or I'll do so and throw the door open.

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    For me its like trying to identify Richard III......from his skeleton.

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    Skeletal or not, Keith, those wings must give it away!

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