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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Israel has become an Eastern European country?

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    Check that red herring.

    This was one of those projects designed by students.

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    Built in Prague, this is the VOSLM-Letoun Bak-01.

    Open board then.

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    Moving along with a flying boat.

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    Shame I'm so far away from my books, and I just cant remember what this one is...

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    I've found a number of culprits which are close to the image posted but, sadly, all fail to fit the bill in one or more details. But then, I've only searched against French hydravions (did I hear someone say 'so, what's new'?).

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    I think this is an Italian beauty named CANT Z.508

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    Robert has swooped in for the kill. It is the CANT.

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    Nobody picked up on my wee hint....?

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    Gosh, that went right over my head Mike! I blame it on early morning foggy head

    We are all well aware of your deadly floater skills (Think Napoleon Dynamite...hehe).

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    Missed Mike's wee hint completely.
    Just a tiny missing apostrophy that made the difference...

    Back to biplanes again.
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    First flight end of WW1, from a lesser known firm that evolved into a very well known company.

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    It is the SIA 9

    A refreshment to Kansas

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    Thanks for the suds !
    Open House please

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    Ok, let's try this one.
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    It is the Pander D.

    Over to Chris

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    a flying boat search says hasn't been used. In the process of moving so if I'm a little slow forgive me.

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    Henry Booth's Baby Flying boat methinks ...

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    And the brass ring goes to SC.
    Looking forward to the next one.


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    Thanks !

    What is this ?
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    Boulton Paul P92/2

    OH if correct

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    Correct ! The Suds are on me

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    Continuing on with a highly modified bug sprayer...

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