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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Thank you Kevin.

    here comes a somewhat shaky number
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    Mitsubishi 2MR1 Tobi Recon


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    Hi Chris, you got her

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    Nice low winger

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    Thanks ! Onward with this beauty ....
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    Chicago-Midwest X-101. It ended it's days as a hot dog stand!

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    ....... AKA the Dayton Overmount over to Texas

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    Thanks Jim.

    Onward and upward.

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    Seems awfully familiar, Kevin.....

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    I think that is the IMAM Ro.30 with a Jupiter engine.

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    You got it.

    Not too many photos of this version.

    (Lefty picked off it's cowled brother about 8 years ago).
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    Thanks, Kevin.

    On with a sleek monoplane.
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    The only type of this manufacturer, about a dozen aircraft built.

    One has survived and is exhibited in a European museum.

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    First flight in the mid 1930ies, designed as a fighter trainer.

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    No takers on the Sparmann S-1?

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    It is the Sparmann S-1, here the first prototype.

    Over to you, Kevin
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    Thanks Robert.

    This one is a bit more obscure...

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    One-off rebuilt from another similar looking cabin biplane of the time.

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    Not much of a clue here, although hints of de Havilland ?

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    Hails from USA, powered by either a Hall-Scott or a Wright-Hisso depending on your source. First flown in 1924 with the novelty of a couple getting married aloft later that year.

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    Without the search facility, Aerofiles has lost its charm!

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    West coast USA with the designer having instructed Amelia Earhart at one time.

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    California "Coupe Cabin" according to my files.

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