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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    I know this one. It's the Russian OSKBES MAI-208.

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    Thanks Chris.

    Gull wing monoplane to consider...

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    Flirted with Blohm und Voss, before realising it was one of 'ours' !

    It's the short-lived Bristol 133.

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    Over to the Scotsman.

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    Thanks Kevin

    Something to keep the thread afloat........
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    Having spent the past couple of days mooching around flying boat sites I know what that is. But as I have no clue at present what I could put as a follow up I shall remain schtum.

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    Go for it, Andy !

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Go for it, Andy !
    Well, with the understanding that I really can't bring anything to the plate at the moment .....

    Ladies & gentlemen, I believe that what we have here is the Kawanishi E10K, which is (according to Wikipedia) "a single-engined biplane intended to meet a requirement for a night reconnaissance aircraft for the IJN, but was not selected for production, the single prototype being converted to a transport and operated as the Navy Type 94 Transport".

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    The engine used was the Nakajima Kotobuki 4-kai, basically a Bristol Jupiter.

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    You got it, Andy

    I'm sure you could dig around and find a wee poser - if not, declare Open House.

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    Not had much luck with the digging so I do declare Open House.

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    Here's what lefty would describe as 'a flivver', but the concept that it represents is still around today.

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    not a red herring, for sure

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    You know more than you're telling, Uli!

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    The Bäumer "Roter Vogel" (red bird)

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    The caption to the photograph which I found describes it as the Balumar-Guenther 'Roter Vogel' of 1924 but other sources describe it as the Bäumer Roter Vogel. Presumably two names for the same motor glider. Anyhow, Uli has a correct identification and so the next challenge rests with him.

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    Well it seems that the Roter Vogel is based on the Hannover H.6 "Pelikan" designed by Walter Günter. Walter Günter moved to Bäumer and later, together with his twin brother Siegfried to Heinkel.

    My mystery appeared some 5 years later. It was test flown in the configuration shown but intended for something more spectacular.
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    Errr, which way does it go? Is it a pusher canard biplane or a tractor tailless biplane?

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    look at the (deflected) control surfaces!

    -> canard pusher

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    The company's intention was to fly this bird with a rocket engine.

    After an explosion on the ground that attempt was cancelled and the bird was later scrapped.

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    The Lippisch Ente goes some way to fitting that description, but the lack of a second set of mainplanes, and the fact that it actually flew with rocket power, drives a coach and horses through that theory!

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    Mike's "Ente" comment jogged my memory. This is the Von der Raab-Katzenstein RK.22 "Ente" of 1929.

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    and the beer goes to Kevin (Moses03) !

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    Thanks Uli.

    Onward with a light recon job.

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    First flight occurred summer of 1940.

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