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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Not too difficult I thought.

    it IS in aerofiles

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    a final hint: look for Phil Taylor (and for what he became famous)

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    Uli, there is no search facility in Aerofiles any more !

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    Google will take over the job if you take what made Phil Taylor famous and restrict your search to

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    Took a while until the penny dropped.

    I think this is a Driggs Dart.

    Mike, if you are looking for a specific term at aerofiles there is no need to use only the search function there but you can use google as well.

    E.g. if you are looking for a two-seated open biplane at aerofiles you have to type at google:


    and google will show you all pages where the term 2pob appears.
    And of course you can exchange 2pob for any other term you are looking for and it even works when you type in two different terms, e.g.

    2pclwm ranger

    will show all pages where 2pclwm and ranger appear (not necessarily together in one type of aircraft).

    BTW: this search method should work with any other internet page.

    Hope this will be helpful for you.

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    It looks like I got the wrong Phil Taylor. I should have known that Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor, the drummer with Motorhead, is unlikely to have inspired the name of an aeroplane!

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    You are both correct!

    or just: "dart" (if you followed the suggested path from Phil Taylor via darts to dart)

    On with Robert!

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    Let's try this sleek racer.
    Not in aerofiles.
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    Thanks for your help on the Aerofiles problem ! I had twigged on the hints, but having checked out several Arrows and Darts wasn't getting anywhere !

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    I think that is René Leduc's RL.21 F-WJDT of 1960.

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    It is the Leduc RL.21.

    A clue would have been that the designer shares his name with another designer who was pioneer in a certain kind of jet propulsion.

    Over to you, Mike.

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    To be honest I had never heard of the aircraft. But it looked like a post war Caudron-Renault C450 replica to me. The tail is very similar to the Caudron. And even the blue-white-red band of the French champion was painted on it. The "modern" aircraft in the back told me it was a post war plane.

    So I have learned something new again today


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    Thank you, Robert. And I'm pleased to have expanded your knowledge, Huub.

    As to your clue, Robert, that would have been the other René Leduc and his ramjets.

    The RL.21 is extant. It belongs to Aeroscope Atlantique at Nantes. But since they lost their display premises, last year, the RL-21 has been on display at Espace Air Passion at Angers-Marcé.

    On to the next mystery. I'm surprised that it hasn't yet made an appearance here - but a search of the thread indicates that it is a débutant.

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    European, pre-war and a 'one off'.

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    That's the Deekay Knight, Mike.

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    It is indeed - over to Ecosse.

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    Thank you Mike. Here is another parasol, not unlike Uli's recent mystery, but from an entirely different quarter - definitely NOT in Aerofiles !
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    Is it a Heath-Henderson B4?


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    No, Huub it's not American, as I did imply !

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    Try Southern hemisphere...

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    Still no idea.

    Many green trees in the background, so I think Australia can be excluded.

    Probably something from New Zealand or South America...

    Hoping for some good clues

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    This designer/builder learned his trade in the US, where he apparently built three machines, then returned home and built this one, which undoubtedly was influenced by the Heath.

    This was in a well-known country , similar to Australia in many ways, but much better at rugby.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    ..... but much better at rugby.......
    Oh, it must be French then!

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