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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Yup. That's the one.

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    another fling winger

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    The Jacobs Convertiplane/Gyrodyne?

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    That's the one. Another in Aerofiles with no pix.


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    On with a high-winger.
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    Fiat T.R.1

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    That was fast, Mike, it is the Fiat

    Over to Scotland again

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    A smooth twin to nip away for a nice weekend somewhere...
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    Shoreham's finest! The ill-fated Beagle B.206 Srs. III G-AWLN.

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    Indeed, Mike - over to you -

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    Thank you, Mike. Here's the next offering.

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    Miles M.15 T.1/37 trainer

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    Well done, you have it, Uli.

    Next call, Germany.

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    on with this
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    Latham HB.5, Uli ?

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    Yes of course

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    Thank you - here is something different - not just a luggage rack on the roof, but room for a couple of the kids too !
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    You would certainly feel the wind in your hair !

    Vickers F..B. 11 I think

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    That's the one, Jim ! Over to you -

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    It says the FB.11 was "destroyed" in a crash in November 1916. Wonder if that was a fatal accident or more of a rough landing? Sure would not have wanted to sit in the luggage rack!

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    Thanks for the suds ! OH please

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    To answer Kevin's question, the FB.11's crash was due to it being 'deficient in control', and resulted in chief test pilot Harold Barnwell spending 5 weeks in hospital.

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    Something I found don't know exact aircraft. Except what's on caption. US Mail Plane. I sure someone here can fill in the rest.

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    It's a Standard JR-1B, Chris, with Wright-Hisso motor. This photo is in Aerofiles, but also elsewhere wrongly captioned as a Curtiss JN-4H.

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    Thanks for info now you chance.


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