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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Here is a rather generic looking parasol.

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    It's younger sibling has appeared here before courtesy of Lefty.

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    One built in 1930. From Western Europe.

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    Aah, the Abraham 'Iris' I

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    That is the one.

    Over to Uli.

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    Due to different possibilities of spelling I don’t know if this one has appeared here before or not.
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    IAR CV-11 from Romania

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    That's the Bird. Take it

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    Thanks ! Here's a double-decker .....
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    That's the one ( one , oh ) have at it .....

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    A Fling-Wing

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    You might look for a double chevron .....

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    I thought that the railway station (?) in the background looked rather Gallic!

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    ..... It's appropriately in the middle of the road .......

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    ........ It isn't just the blades that rotate ......

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    Enough of this nonsense! This is F-WZAB, the unique Citroën-Marchetti RE.2 of 1975 which was powered by an adapted Citroën car engine, derived from the Wankel rotary engine and developing 160/180 hp. The project was abandoned.

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    That's the no nonsense answer.


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    Thank you, Chris. Here's a big beast of a biplane which, my search indicates, has not hitherto graced these pages.

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    I think this is the Avro Mailplane G-ABJM, Mike.

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    There is not a word in that answer, Robert, with which I could disagree. Over to you!

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    Thanks, Mike!

    Here is an older biplane, I would like to know the pusher.
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    Looks like a captured Farman Mf.11.

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    Not a Farman and not from France, Kevin.

    Several hundred of this pusher were built.

    Here is another view of that scene, have a closer look at the tail.
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    this is like looking at a swarm of fish
    so many tails

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