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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    The Bergonzi Idea canard fighter of c.1918 (sorry, I can't read Italian - where is Carlo!).

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    The Bergonzi Ardea it is - it flew quite well by all accounts - up to the time it crashed that is ......

    - over to you .....

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    Thank you, Jim. I apologise that Ardea became Idea (I've just had to change it again). If you don't keep a watch on that predictive text .....! I'll try to find the next mystery in the morning.

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    I apologise for the delay. It's been a rather strange morning .....

    Now we haven't had an aerial blender (didn't he play guitar in Mott the Hoople?) for a while. This one man helicopter, with contra rotating blades, allegedly flew for ten hours. I find that hard to believe, unless one applies a much stretched meaning to the word 'flew', but who am I to say!

    p.s. no clues offered as to the identity of the manufacturer of the engine which powered it.

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    This was, I believe, the designer's only venture into the field of rotary wing aircraft. He's better known as a quite prolific designer of powered and unpowered fixed wing aircaft, many of which remained on his drawing board rather than coming to fruition. Of those which did, several have appeared here in the past.

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    Well I tried the notorious de Monge - struck me as the kind of daft thing he would do, but no.
    Must be the only picture of a backpack helicopter i've seen where the 'pilot' doesn't even bother wearing a helmet ! But there again, French.....

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    Think back to your childhood and playing in the sandpit .....

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    I've given his name if someone only will translate it!

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    Monsieur Sablier again?

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    Bien sûr, Robert. I thought that I'd exhausted Georges Sablier's output, with my last post concerning him, but I had forgotten the Sablier-Phély Orthoptère Individuel of 1956. The above photograph shows the second example, powered by a 175cc Ydral motorcycle engine. I have to say that it appears more likely to fly that the first example - which looks more like an inverted ceiling fan than a helicopter! Over to Germany.

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    Thanks, Mike, so it appears that Georges Sablier built two micro-helicopters.
    I did find a picture of Sablier's helicopter at the secretprojects-forum during my search but since it looked very different to the type shown above (e.g. rounded and less separated rotor blades) I discarded it.
    It seems that the orthoptère hadn't flown when the picture was taken, on the wall are results of motocycle races of 1955.

    Nuff said, here is another whirlybird for your amusement.
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    It is the Kolibrie.

    Over to you, Chris

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    another new old floater

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    How about a Thulin LA floatplane ?

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    here is a pic of a Thulin Typ E:
    would that do?

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    plane from Sweden now over to Germany

    Good Going


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    I think lefty deserves the drink!

    OH with a preference for lefty, OK?

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    Thanks Uli, but I'm happy for you to carry on ! (Spent some time on this - check out the tail shape..)

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    My next is a straight design, which I can't find here
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    Looks like a Wittman Tailwind - possibly Steve's original

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    It is the prototype of the Wittman Tailwind! suds to SC

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    Thanks ! Here's a conundrum : you can have at least 3 differing designations :
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