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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Blackshape Gabriel from

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    Thanks ! On with a tubby ( grainy ) number .....

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    Unless it's just me, it's also an invisible number, Jim!

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    Must be you Mike as I am seeing the portly Bristol Racer of 1922.

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    Wonder why Jim's post is only visible in Texas !

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    The Bristol it is ( here with the spinner fitted ) - over to Texas
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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Wonder why Jim's post is only visible in Texas !
    Same problem here, Mike.

    I can't see the mystery in post 22003 as well, however the picture in 22007 is visible.

    Very mysterious.

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    Same here, Robert. It looks as if Jim had problems with his Bristols that he's now overcome!

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    OK - so here's the other one of this fine pair of Bristols .....
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    I could see it on my phone but now on my computer, I don't see it in Jim's initial post. Odd.

    Anyhoo, hopefully this roadable experiment will show up.

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    That is the Maykemper Aeromobil from 1926 of German descent, Kevin.

    I'm wondering , whether Herr Maykemper was inspired by the Beardmore Wee Bee, those two kites look very similar.

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    Interesting, Richard! Merci!

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    It is the Aeromobile.

    Over to Robert.

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    Here is something more modern.
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    Max Holste MH.53?

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    It is the Max Holste, Mike


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    Thank you, Robert. Here's an elegant tourer that seems not yet to have put in an appearance here.

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    Very smooth indeed - it's the Lignel Coach.

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    Well done, lefty. It is the Lignel type 46 Coach - with remarkably modern lines for 1947, particularly when contrasted to Lignel's broadly contemporary product, the type 44 Cross Country. But enough of this. A wee dram to you, sir, and over to Ecosse.

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    Thank you Mike -dram appreciated - it's getting a bit chilly here. This one is not as sleek as the last, but is a chunky wee racer -
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    Your sporty number is the Kuhelj KS-1 YU-CEO

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    Yes it is, Jim - over to you -

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    Thanks - here's a futuristic design for its time .......
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