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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    That is surely a Savoia S-56. What a shame to see her so neglected..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    You got it Robert!

    Wish I knew what engine was installed.
    ? Menasco ? or Mikron? I think cirrus was opposite rotation.

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    Spot on Mike.

    The S.56 was rescued and nicely restored.

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    Thanks Kevin -was intrigued to find out who bought the Savoia in the auction - it appears the dreaded Kermit now has his hands on her !

    Here's a monoplane -
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    Surprised this is still around, although maybe some of you, like me, have been unable to get into the site !

    This European number had a Siemens motor, and a close relative which was a low-winger...

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    Right - long enough. This is a Dietrich DP VIIa

    OH please.

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    Where has everyone gone ??

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    Hi Mike, I'm in and out but didn't want to ping pong the mystery. Figured it was German by the tail and general layout but didn't actively look for it.

    I can post something later if no one shows up.

    Maybe some folks are on vacation.

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    Hmmmm - vacationing is frowned upon in these parts nowadays !

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    What? You'll have no Madeira, m'dear, this year, I fear!

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    Can one get to Madeira in this?

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    Pitcairn PAA-1?

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    Thank you, Kevin - but, blimey, two US aeroplanes identified in two stabs. Soon I'll be deluding myself that I'm an expert on the subject!

    Remaining with whirling birds, here's a five minute wonder which had more than four minutes to spare - and which couldn't decide whether it was fish or fowl.

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    (50 minutes later..)

    Yesterday morning I sat patiently waiting for half an hour to get into the forum to post my answer to the Pitcairn, only to find that Mike had mysteriously snuck in before me !

    The same will doubtless happen again this morning (only it won't be Mike..) but we'll try anyway... There are not many autogiros on the Aviafrance site, but one of them is the Helicop-Air L-50 Girhel.

    Here goes....

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    Yes, Mike, it is the Girhel (F-WJCO), the machine that was supposed to take off and land like a helicopter and fly as a fixed wing aircraft. That it came and went in little more than the blinking of an eye is hardly surprising. Why try to re-invent the wheel, particularly when the wheel in issue wasn't even quite round? I'm surprised that some like Georges Lapère should have got involved with this project. But enough of this waffle and over to you.

    I came to the Girhel whilst searching, unsuccessfuly, for the identity of another similar looking autogyro that I photographed at Pont-sur-Yonne more than ten years ago. Its lines (see below) suggest that it might be related to the Girhel although unlike the Girhel, it doesn't have wings and its tail feathers (including, apparently, provision for a tail rotor - in addition to a prop up front) don't match. Furthermore its colour scheme suggests an origin in Sweden (although the only nordic tractor autogyro I can find is the Finnish JT-9 of Jukka Tervamäki). So whilst we go across to the land of high endeavour and shining rivers for the next mystery, can anyone succeed where I have failed in identifying the machine in the photograph?

    P.s. if the server is selecting those who to persecute, take comfort, Mike, from the fact that you are not alone. I made several unsuccessful attempts to get onto the forum this morning. Generally I find that, of a morning (CET), I have significantly less than a 50% chance of logging in (it's much easier in the afternoon and evening). More often my attempts are timed out or I get the 'server' busy' notice. Thus I can only put it down to serendipity that I managed, yesterday morning, to get in with the Pitcairn whilst you were kept waiting in the entry queue.

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    Oh and another problem. I wanted to edit my previous post but when I clicked on the edit button, the text box was empty. That's probably consequential upon the fact that, after typing the earlier post, when I went to 'preview post', the text box became blank and I had to cut and paste from the preview box into the text box in order to be able to submit my reply! It's not the first time that I've encountered this problem. Has anyone else experienced it?

    The edit I wanted to, but could not, make was to delete the reference to the autogyro in the photograph including, apparently, provision for a tail rotor as this couldn't be so having regard to the arrangement of the (?)elevators. I suspect that what I assumed was a tail rotor guard is in fact a tail skid.

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    Can't track that one down, Mike.

    Here is another parasol -
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    That looks pretty much like a CASA III from , Mike.

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    That's because it is, Robert - cerveza for you -

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    Thanks, Mike!

    Here is another parasol of similar appearance and age.
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    A Lorraine-Hanriot LH.21S, perhaps

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    got it: the Hanriot H-46 'Styx'

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    Your second try is correct, Uli, it is the Hanriot H.46.

    Strange that it seems to be unclear, whether the variants 461 - 465 had just the original airframe with different engine or whether each engine had its own new construction (would have been one of my hints).

    Anyway, over to the Black Forest.

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    Thank you Robert!

    Let's have a try on this
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