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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Of course it is, Robert ! Over to you -

    Always amused by those exhaust stacks - in my motor-enthusiast days, it was always stressed how important is was for engine efficiency to 'tune' the exhaust system. Doesn't seem to apply to aircraft - just stick 'em out the top !

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    Ah, but were you, Mike, a motor enthusiast in 1917?

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    It is beginning to feel like it, Mike..

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    Thanks, Mike.
    Here is a floater similar to the last mystery but definitely not a Junkers.

    At least it seems to have some sort of "tuned" exhaust...
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    Not a Hansa-Brandenburg.
    This floater is from after the war.

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    Now, Chris' guess wasn't too far away from the correct answer.

    This floater is from a famous designer.

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    Ahh, the penny has dropped - it is the Caspar S.1, designed, of course, by Ernst Heinkel.

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    It is the Caspar S.1!

    The last design of Ernst Heinkel as an employee before establishing his own company where he manufactured the same aircraft as Heinkel HE 1.

    This is the sole Caspar S.1 which found its way to Norway after a competition in Gothenburg/Sweden.

    Over to you, Mike!

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    Thanks Robert - been tough to get back in this morning.

    This one has been here before but quite a long time ago, I think......
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    Is that the NDN Firecracker?

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    It is, Mike. Apparently it looked rather better than it flew.

    Over to to France. (What is the French for 'lockdown' ? I bet it's 'Le Lockdown' ?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    (What is the French for 'lockdown' ? I bet it's 'Le Lockdown' ?
    ..... then you'd lose your bet, Mike. It's le confinement - a word subsequently borrowed by the English language, before it decided to source most of its new words from the USA!

    Here's a biplane that's attracting a fair amount of attention - but, sadly, attention was about all it attracted!

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    Well the M.Hulot character with blazer and bicycle clips just has to be French - the chap behind with the beret would tend to confirm that -so I reckon we have a Gallic obscurity here ?

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    So I can delete that biplane now from my list, I had this one as a prepared mystery too.

    I will hold back on this one since I will be on vacation from Saturday on and I don't like to declare Open House.

    Good luck to the rest of you with Mikes' mystery.

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    It appears that we hunt in the same places, Robert! Have an enjoyable holiday.

    Now what, Mike, might lead you to think that anything I post might be gallic?

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    Well it wasn't in my queue! Anyways, it is the sole Littoral Aviation E.111.

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    ..... and, apparently, the sole photograph of this short lived, inadequately performing 1939 aeroplane. Thus across the pond to Texas we must now go.

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    The pond dried up from the heat I think!

    A twin under construction...

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    I'll have a stab at the CAC Woomera ? Lack of dihedral on the tailplane, though....

    Wonder why the guy on the right of that group is 'ghosted' out ??

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    ... long time exposure (in a dark hall)

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    Thanks Kevin.

    Here is yet another parasol, from a well-known stable. Expect this one to disappear quickly !
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    It looks like the Austrian flag on the tail. So something out of the Hopfner/Hirtenberg stable with an Argus AS.10 engine?

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    Yes, it's an Argus motor, but it is not Austrian. Now where's near Austria ???

    If nobody answers, I'll understand why - I've been getting my favourite message all morning - it is getting worse, Moderators!
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