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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    ... where in the end the two aircraft took sixth and seventh place and the race was won by a well known trimotor of the same country.

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    No takers on the Fiat BR.20A?

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    Thank you, Kevin!
    It is indeed the Fiat BR.20 in the civilized version "A" that took part in the race Istres - Damascus - Paris.

    Too easy or too difficult for the rest of the community?

    Anyway, over to Texas, please

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    Thanks Robert. I think the 20A was an attractive aircraft.

    Here is a smaller cabin job.

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    We are all wacko for Waco. Chris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses03 View Post
    We are all wacko for Waco. Chris.
    Just a little more QDC for the Waco wackos (I'm one). A couple of shots of the one I had the pleasure to fly 241 months ago... (lovely wife has modernized her hair since then)
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    Must have been a good ride to remember from 20 years ago.

    Next one I think will be a tough one. Not in Aerofiles.

    Best I could do for the pix.

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    Chris, we have had this one in the distant past. Might be a good time to see who remembers it though.

    Let it ride!

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    I went looking for it. One of the things I don't like about forums the pixs disappear. Also name is different than from what I have. Maybe was posted before I joined.


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    The Loring RB surveillance aircraft perhaps

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    Not sure I have it as Barron Recee Monoplane

    Close ties with Loring and Barron so what's the exact designation? Over to you.

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    "The Loring RB surveillance aircraft, a monoplane prototype said to have been built right at the beginning in 1923, and the T-2 are developments about which there are almost no data.[1][4]"

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    Here comes one which we almost had already AFAIK
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    Morning Uli - trying to get into this site in the morning can be very frustrating ! No takers for your triplane - so I'll dive in with the Catron & Fisk 1920 effort for the Curtiss Cup Race.

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    having the same frustration, Mike, and had to give up several times
    Your opening is correct. Have it as one of two Catron-Fisk Triplanes; a tri-motor and a single engine one.

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    Yes - in my research, found out there were actually two different versions of the trimotor. Quirky !

    Now this machine will not be difficult to identify, but it has obviously been modified in a strange way - for what purpose, please ???
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    ...... it's cargo might come home to roost .......

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    Right, time to move on , Jim, if you have a new mystery ?

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    Lefty's Junkers monoplane carried pigeons in Belgium I believe - perhaps their consumption of Frites and mayonnaise meant they could no longer fly themselves......

    OH please

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    Screen grab from a short clip featuring trials of a new large flying boat...

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    I do believe that is one of ours, sir.

    Designer chappie did a rather natty little fighter too, eh ? It's the Supermarine Southampton, methinks.

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    It definitely is one of yours. Better have a Guinness!

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    This is not one of ours...
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    ...but it's one of ours.

    The Junkers J.11/CLS.1 from Imperial Germany.

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