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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    It's not what it seems ..........

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    From memory I thinks it's a modified Tiger Moth for a movie.


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    you have it!

    The caption says: The Tiger Moth T7438, c/n 83817, converted by Film Aviation Services Ltd. at Croydon in 1961 to represent a Fokker D.VII for the film "Lawrence of Arabia”.

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    a 30ish something maybe 20s

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    I think this is the Orta St. Hubert G.1

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    That didn't last long over to you.


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    I had the Orta a while ago in another aircraft mystery, so it immediately rang a bell.

    Here is a more modern trainer.
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    This is one of two built prototypes, the type was built in series.

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    Is it the Turkish MKEK-4 Ugur (which originated from the THK-15)?

    Afterthought: maybe I should have put that the other way around, namely the THK-15 which, when in production, was known as the MKEK-4 Ugur.

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    Mike, the mystery was built far away from Turkey

    Only the prototypes had this engine, the later built aircraft had a very different one.

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    Oh well, c'est la vie. It'll probably transpire to be one of those oddities from Indonesia!

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    No, Mike, I think it's the Wackett prototype with Gypsy Major motor....

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    Mike from Scotland has it.

    It is the Wackett prototype with a Gipsy engine which made the plane look substantially different.


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    Thank you Robert

    back to the water -
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    'Tis the S-5, Chris. Over to you -

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    An old biplane

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    in a famous russian family


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    Polikarpov Po-2 U-2L (or U-2SPL ?)

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    That's it more than I had it just a a version of U-2


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    Thanks Chris - many, many variants of that old Poli !

    Here's a chubby chappie -
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    ThIs bird of prey is from

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    Indeed, Jim - do you want to expand on that ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Indeed, Jim - do you want to expand on that ?
    It's the IVL Haukka ( Hawk ) lost out to Gloster Gamecock ....

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    That's the one ! Over to Not in Kansas Anymore !

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