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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    The biplane is a one-off from Europe.

    I have conflicting references about the exact designation so I will accept both possibilities.

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    I have it as Thulin N but seen it as NA as well, so the beer goes to Chris!

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    If we could see the cockpit better as the N was 1 seat and the NA 2 seat. The N is preserved in Technical Museum Stockholm and the NA is preserved in Landskrona Museum


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    another fling wing. I'll keep trying to stump you guy's

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    Hi Chris
    The one without S-... designation? Designed by Eugene Gluhareff while working for the Sikorsky helicopter company.
    I think it was called Flying Experimental Test Stand.

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    That's it. I couldn't find any more info on it other than the picture.


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    I understand the Gluhareff/Sikorsky was built/tested around 1949/1950. It had a rotor with one of Gluhareff`s pulsejets on one tip and a counterweight on the other.
    Patents were reportedly acquired by United Aircraft (Sikorsky parent company).

    Next challenge follows some traditional lines.
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    Léglise L.500 Jumbo, peut-être?

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    Hi pomme homme
    Yes it is the Léglise L-500 Jumbo. Also sometimes referred to as the SOCAMA L-500 (F-WJSC/F-BJSC).
    Some sources suggest that 2 examples were built, but I doubt that. What do you know?

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    Thought I was having a case of déja-vu there - you fellows were discussing this machine back in June (post 19325 and subsequent) !

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    You're right, Mike. Later on today I'll post something which, I hope, won't prove to have made an appearance here - at least in recent times!

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    Here's a sporty little number for your delectation .....

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    Hi pomme homme
    The Dabos-Cholot DC-01 Rapace (F-PSYK) ?

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    Indeed it is the 1971 Rapace, Walter. But you've deprived me of the opportunity of giving my intended clue, that being the aeroplane in which it had its origin twenty two years earlier. But that's life. Over to the low countries.

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    Hi pomme homme
    I guess you were not referring to the Picaflor?

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    No, Walter. My source says that the wings came from the prototype Dabos Roitelet F-WFAC and the fuselage from another Roitelet whose construction was started by a Mr Lesire, an amateur constructor, but not completed.

    p.s. I see that I've just hit 1,000 posts!

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    Hi pomme homme
    I was teasing you a bit. I did guess you referred to the Dabos Roitelet. The Picaflor was, allegedly, an example/derivative of the Roitelet built in Argentina by Mr. Juan de la Farge.
    Have never seen pics, but what I know the Picaflor reportedly had a enclosed cockpit, a 35hp engine also designed by Mr. de la Farge. First flight is given as 27 February 1962 and the aircraft is said to be lost in an accident in June of the same year (if all true, maybe reason for lack of pics?).
    Of course Mr. de la Farge ia also known for his Pou de Ciel variations.
    Next challenge will follow a.s.a.p.

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    The designer of this one is perhaps better known for the later twin.
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    I think that it is, or at least is related to, a Partenavia Fachiro/Oscar and, if so, is an early model, but I can't find one that has the sort of fin depicted in your photograph, Walter.

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    Hi pomme homme
    Sorry, no relationship with the Italians. This one is from USA. The twin I mentioned also had twin tail booms.

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    Could this be the Dempsey TD-2 N6110U and the twin-boom twin the TD-3 Beta Lightning?

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    Just found an alternative designation as the Dempsey TD-162 and an article about that plane in a newspaper.

    Seems to be the same aircraft.
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    Hi fabulousfour
    You are right on both! Thank you for the link. Really appreciate this. Till now I only had the photo to go by.

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    Walter, this is the link to the newspaper, picture is on page 13

    And here is my new mystery.
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