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    The MB.411 was developed from the MB.35. The significant distinction between the MB.35/MB.41 and the MB.411 is that the latter had a single float - presumably to enable it to fit, wingless, into the hangar on the Surcouf.

    As Mike notes, two MB.411s were built. There was the best part of three years between them. Thus it would be logical to assume that the second did not slavishly replicate the first but took account of aeronautical developments over that three year period - which may account for the tail feather differences between them.

    Moving away from the sea - and certainly matters submarinal - here's another biplane from the same period with a very proud wee laddie standing in front of it.

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    Holding back on this one, Mike.
    It was just this biplane that had started an inquiry originally started by myself in another forum.

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    Roger and out, Robert!

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    Well, the given clue seems to have gone down like a lead balloon. So let me try another. It's reported that this biplane was lightly built by the wee laddie of fifteen years. It's said that his little aeroplane woul d ruin e asily if exposed to the elements.

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    The country of origin goes without saying. I've mentioned the period. You've had the designer/constructor's name. The only thing missing is the designation. If you want that then you could consider the surname of one of the principal actors in the British television series 'All Creatures Great & Small'. And if that doesn't result in someone having a crack then, Robert, please do put them out of their misery!

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    Ok, Mike, I'll wait until this evening, in case that the bipe isn't named until then I will solve this mystery.

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    Ok, let's give the plane a name.
    It is the Druine RD.1, the first aircraft built by Roger Druine.

    Let me explain in short why I knew that plane.
    I knew about Druine's other aircraft, e.g. the Turbulent, Turbi or Condor. When I stumbled some years ago about the description of the RD.1 at aviafrance without a photo I asked in the Flugzeugforum, whether anybody knew about photos of that plane.
    A fellow forumite took that question over and made an inquiry at the secretprojects forum where he got a competent answer with photos of an article in Les Ailes.

    So probably I'm the cause why there is a thread about the Druine RD.1 at secretprojects.

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    And here is the article from Les Ailes.

    Will post a new mystery soon.
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    Take it away, Robert.

    I wonder if there is anyone else out there. The clues offered couldn't have made it more plain, viz:

    Roger and out, Robert!
    It's said that his little aeroplane woul d ruin e asily if exposed to the elements.
    If you want that then you could consider the surname of one of the principal actors in the British television series 'All Creatures Great & Small'.[= Robert Hardy]

    Result - Roger Druine RD.1

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    Yes, Mike, it seems that this thread has been busier already.

    Let's see how long this mystery lasts.
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    Iberavia I-11 from Spain.

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    Full score, Kevin, it is the Iberavia

    Over to Texas, please.

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    Thanks Robert.

    Here is an exceptional photo for the period.

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    Listed on Aerofiles but the description and photo are wrong...

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    Got half-way through the 3pOB's before I gave up... Presumably you're telling us it's listed as a 6pChwM.....or worse ?????

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    Mike, it's listed as a 2POhwm.

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    I don't think anyone is going to get this one, that and I will be out of town most of the day tomorrow.

    It's the Schmuck S-3 (Now that's a name!).

    Open board-

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    Well, somone's got to be a Schmuck!

    Here's something to keep things going whilst Kevin is riding the range. Sadly it doesn't match his last offering in terms of photographic quality.

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    Looks fairly anonymous, Mike, but there's perhaps a wee clue or two.. How about the Druine Aigle 777 ?

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    Well, I thought that I'd run the Druine barrel dry. Indeed, it is Roger Druine's second aeronautical creation, the 1949 'Aigle' 777. Over to Scotland.

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    Thanks Mike.
    How about a wee twin ?
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    Is that the Starck-Nickel SN.01 F-PYBQ?

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    Well it is certainly F-PYBQ, but I have it as the Starck AS.37

    Being French, it probably has several more designations, but I don't really know where Rudolf Nickel came into it ???

    Anyway, back to France -

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    As I understand it, Mike, all the AS.37s were equipped with pusher props. The SN.01 was, as depicted in your photograph, equipped with tractor props. And at the risk of being accused (again?) of pedantry, can you really describe it as 'a wee twin' when the only thing it had in duplicate were its props, which were driven by a single engine installed within the fuselage? If André Starck was anything, he wasn't conventional. Look at the length of time over which he persisted with the Nenodovitch wing formula.

    I'm afraid that I haven't anything which is champing at the bit to be posted as the next mystery. However if time permits I will, this evening, go into the dusty recesses of my files (can one have virtual dustiness or recesses?) to see if I can find something that hasn't already been used here. If I can't, I'll throw the board open to those who are better prepared.

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    Sorry. Open Board.

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