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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    Right on Green. Thought the 3-bladed prop might give moments pause.

    (I see what you did there Rob).

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    My first reaction was de Havilland Don, but there are too many dissimilarities, perhaps.

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    G'day mate.

    Not the Don. When they stopped looking at the model and built it - I'm pretty sure this is how the tail turned out....

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    Think they messed around with the tail quite a bit ! It's the Avro Athena.

    They ended up with a tail about as ugly as you can get.....
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    Thanks, G. Here's one that I couldn't find on a search, so if it has been here before, apologies.

    I like it, anyway.
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    First thought about Arado because of the tail, however, that was the wrong track.

    That plane is the Nieuport-Delage NiD 122.

    Not too bad looks for a French aircraft.

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    I agree on all counts, Robert -

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    Thanks, Mike.

    I guess this biplane shouldn't bother you for too long.
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    This was the most produced aircraft of this manufacturer with about as many aircraft built of that stable as all others combined.

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    This European manufacturer literally terminated to exist in 1940.

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    Finally, it is the Koolhoven.
    Wouldn't have thought that this mystery would last so long.

    Over to you, Chris.

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    I waited for awhile to give someone else a chance. Here's another biplane.

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    That, sir, is the Cox-Klemin TW-2.

    It was the tail of the Koolhoven that was foxing me - it being the earlier 'Spanish' rounded model. Spent a long time convinced it was a Meridionali !

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    you got it. I knew it but the roundel on the wing helped me.


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    Thanks Chris. Here's a twin - not difficult but a debutante here......maybe !
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    Yes, G, or sometimes called OKO-6bis. Bit of a mystery ship. Over to you

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    Besson MB.411?

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    Think I'll leave this to our chums in Gaul, G !

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    Quote Originally Posted by pomme homme View Post
    Besson MB.411?
    That'll do me mate.
    Captioned the MB.35 - but they're closely related - on the Surcouf. Tis a model after all.

    Over to you sir...

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    Have been doing a bit of research on the Bessons since you posted it - and am curious about the three-view in Morareau's Aeronefs de L'Aviation Maritime.

    This shows a quite different tail conformation to the more commonly depicted one, which is more or less identical to the MB35, which was originally intended for the Surcouf.

    I know there were only two built - wonder if they were different ?
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