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Thread: The Ongoing Mystery Aircraft Thread Part Deux.

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    The clues could fit to a design of Maurice Brochet, however, the MB.30 which is the only parasol of the Brochet stable looks very different...

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    He is another Maurice. the other plane is a low winger with swept tail and tri-gear. The first example appeared in 1961.

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    Ah, I see.

    The Paumier MP.1 built by Maurice Paumier in 1948.

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    Yes, that's her, Robert. A very different creature to the other Paumier (the less well known Maurice) design - as Walter evidently knew well! Over to Germany for the next one.

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    Thanks, Mike!

    Interesting, that there is a description of the Paumier in "Les Avions Francais 1944 -1964" but no photo.

    This biplane shouldn't be too difficult.
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    With great respect, Robert, I think this is a sesquiplane ! It's the Pander EF85 with yet another of Wout's motors....

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    Let's round up simply 1,5 to 2 and we both are correct, Mike.

    And of course it is the Pander.

    Over to Scotland, please.

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    Thank you Robert - I'll try to work out the cryptic message later !

    Here's a jolly little two-seater...
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    Hi Mike
    That looks like the prototype Tuholer (N9110R) by Tony and Dorothy Spezio anno 1961

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    A Tuholer in one for Walter....

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    This one in from before the ultralight class was invented. One of the smallest 4-engined aircraft built. It had an official registration!
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    Now those do look like lawnmower engines - right down to, if my eyes are not playing tricks on me, a pull start on each motor. This will be right up lefty's street!

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    It's the Briggs & Stratton 4 bagger!

    Why did Walter scratch out the pilots face? Maybe he is Asian (quick clue?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    A Tuholer in one for Walter....
    I don't know about Scotland, but in some parts THIS is a Tuholer (aka Two Holer)...

    Later developed as the Two Holer Max

    "To some the sky is the limit. To others it is home" anon.
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

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    ..and there was me thinking that you colonials, like the bears, just did it in the woods....

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    Sorry, but all wrong answers. Not Asian and no Briggs & Strattons. I scratched out the face because I donot remember whether he was Verdon or Vernon.
    Designed/built by twin brothers. Maybe that was the reason they could not agree on the engines and therefore put in two 8hp McColloughs and two 10hp West Bends.
    The brothers designed/built at least 2 more aircraft.

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    One last thought for Rob (he started it!) - the ultimate Tuholer......
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    Walter's had two West Bends. Mike's had two S bends!

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    The four-banger is the Dream by twin brothers Verdon and Vernon Weber from Wisconsin.
    Registration N5871. I understand that the tail section could tilt upwards and sidewards for lateral control. Have no idea how this works, but loooks like the early wing warping system.
    Will post a pic in flight with some text about he Dream.

    Open House, please

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    As threatened:
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    Something with more heft.

  22. #19447
    Ford Model 14-A?

    Too much heft? I've read it never flew?

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    Quote Originally Posted by giruXX View Post
    How about an old chopper?
    Thoroughly enjoyed looking for that even though I never even got close. Completely new to me.

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    You got it Green. I think it ended up being too heavy to risk a flight.

    The heft comment was in relation to the tiny plane that Walter posted.

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